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The Batarian Hegemony Presents: The Mass Effect Thread

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Mass Effect 3 is the long awaited conclusion to the human terrorism saga of hated enemy Commander Shepard. While the Hegemony looks down on the game's attempts to portay Shepard's vile acts as heroism, the game is a useful tool in determining the tactics of our enemies.


This is Shepard. His crimes against the Hegemony are well known throughout Batarian space. He will destroy us all, seemingly to stop the "reapers." We know this is simply a convenient excuse for him and the rest of humanity to try and crush the Batarian people.


We have sent agents, ostensibly to "aid" the humans against the Reaper threat.

But we have plans for them. Do not worry. The Hegemony will remain strong for all time.

Here is a list of known enemies of the state. Be wary of them.

and here is a list of the latest weapon reports. Never let a human catch you without a weapon!




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