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[Pandora's Tower] - Consume the flesh of the Masters.

KrathoonKrathoon Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in Games and Technology
I have been playing with imports and this one is catching my interest.

Pandora's Tower

It seems more like an action RPG. Here is the story from Nintendo UK:

"The victim of a cruel curse, Elena is undergoing a horrific transformation into a grotesque beast.

Determined to find a way to cure her, Aeron takes up the Oraclos Chain and plunges into the Thirteen Towers, where truly terrifying monsters await him.

The words of their companion Mavda offer them their only hope: within the Thirteen Towers reside the masters, and by consuming their flesh, Elena may escape the curse.

This is the tale of the bond between Aeron and Elena, and the vow they make to each other to defeat the curse and be together once again."

Hopefully, the tower masters will be creative.

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