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LOOK AT MY [Comics Art Appreciation Thread]! – NSF56K

CrimsondudeCrimsondude Registered User regular
edited September 2013 in Graphic Violence
Since Munch is too lazy to do it :), I figure I'd go ahead and make this thread. I'm mainly doing it for two reasons: All of the awesome Captain Marvel art appearing online, and Dennis Culver's current series of Dean Pelton art.


The very least provide a link back to where you found it. Unless you are a lazy fuck or the source is impossible to determine, include the artist and the site where you found it in the post.

I would greatly appreciate as this car's driver that if you have some piece on your computer and don't know who drew it or where, then use TinEye and/or Google Images to find them.


At some point, I will probably begin linking posts back to the OP either by character or artist (or both).


If you find another art collection or gallery you like, e.g. Comics Alliance's weekly "Best Art Week Ever" posts, please feel free to link it.


Collection Links:

Crimsondude on


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