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Edinburgh Manor (Mini Phalla) Day 6: Mafia and Princess Victory!

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Edinburgh Manor
A Mini Phalla for 25 players

Edinburgh Manor has stood deserted for years. Built in the mid 1800s, this Victorian mansion was occupied by the late Lord William Edinburgh. It was to be his summer home and eventual retirement spot, but a particularly harsh London winter found the man quite ill with a high fever. The doctor could do nothing for him in his final days and he died a slow, painful death, continually refusing the relief of sedatives. The entire town could hear his final death cries.

To this day, the house has stood empty. Weeds and ivy slowly overtook the property until it was completely overrun; a chilling memorial atop the hill in a sleepy, London town.

That is, until recently. Someone had been tending to the manor, clearing the overgrown foliage, repairing the windows, and transforming the once majestic mansion to its original state. No one from the town had seen workers come or go. The only signs of anything happening at the old Edinburgh place were the faint echo of hammering or the distance crash of a falling tree.

And then, one day, letters began arriving all over town. They were sealed with the unmistakable ‘E’ that adorned correspondences from the late Lord Edinburgh.

“Dear Townspeople,

This letter comes to you from the pen of Sir Charles Edinburgh, grandson of the honourable William Edinburgh, who died in your fair town in 1847. I realize the past years of neglect of my grandfather’s property has resulted in a troublesome eyesore amongst your quaint, sturdy homes, and I aim to rectify this inconvenience and disrespect readily.

To this end, I have arranged a dinner party for the townspeople both as an amends on behalf of the Edinburgh estate and also as a thank you for your respecting my grandfather’s privacy in his final days. The party shall be held at Edinburgh Manor on the Friday next, at sundown. Please dress in whatever attire suits you, as I would have you feel at home.

Lastly, one townsperson shall be gifted my grandfather’s manor at the conclusion of the evening, along with all accompanying acreage, structures, and furnishings. I look forward to the pleasure of your company and remain sincerely yours,

Sir Charles Montgomery Edinburgh”

The townspeople were shocked. No one had ever met Edinburgh’s family. He had visitors come and go and indeed some had stayed for entire summers, but no one had seen anyone with him in town, when he did chance to make an appearance. Nevertheless, the idea of a dinner party for the town at the newly restored manor was exciting beyond words for the recipients. And of course, the idea of actually owning Edinburgh's estate was positively thrilling. While the letter implied the invitation was extended to all of those living in the town, it had arrived only at particular homes. Still, even some who did not receive an invention dressed in their utmost best and headed up the long dirt road to the old manor, when the night arrived.

There was no one at the door to greet the guests, but the doors were swung wide, and the warmth of a fire in the dining hall burst out into the chilly air, along with the sound of piano playing and the captivating scent of roasting goose.

One by the one, the townspeople entered the manor.



Voting instructions and more will follow along with the narration on Day 0. For now, here are the rules:

Do not directly quote your role PM or send screenshots. It is for your eyes only, and you may only paraphrase the contents in your discussions with others.

Do not add players to private conversations. If you want to add someone, start a new one. I would also enjoy being a part of any particularly interesting networks/conversations for my own amusement. This is not required. It is, however, required that I be a part of any pro boards you might make. I would also very much appreciate orders being posted on said proboards instead of sent to me in PM, so as to prevent any timing confusion or tom-foolery with Vanilla. Any Vanilla-related glitches will be taken at face value. The time-stamp is law.

You are allowed one ghost post upon death, may only contact other players in a manner traceable to you, and may not post in code or a language other than fully comprehensible English. Ask for clarifications of these rules and others in Bold Orange.

All players are required to make two posts each day, with a vote contained somewhere therein. Two days of inactivity will result in replacement or removal. This includes both voting mechanics. You’ll learn more about that on Day 0.

!Sign-up in bold lime..

In order to expedite the sign-up process and get this game rolling, here is a bit of information about the voting mechanics.

Each day, every townsperson must vote "out" one person amongst them. This will be done in Bold Red.. Retractions should be posted in Bold Lime, but it is not required. Your last vote will count, as long as it comes in at 11:59 PM EDT or earlier.

Every townsperson must also vote for a location in the house they would like to visit. The townspeople will move as a group to the location with the most votes. This will be done in Bold Teal. Again, retractions should be posted in Bold Lime, but it is not required. Your last vote will count, as long as it comes in at 11:59 PM EDT or earlier.

Here is the map of the house:

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