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PAX Prime - It is done. I am tired.

The GeekThe Geek Oh-Two CrewRegistered User, ClubPA regular
edited September 2012 in Singularity Engine++

Hey, are you going to PAX?

I am!

It's at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA. It takes place Friday, August 31 2012 to Sunday, September 2 2012. If you're American, then the following Monday is Labor Day and you probably have the day off!

I have my passes ordered. Registration is here. 3-DAY PASSES ARE GONE, SATURDAY PASSES ARE GONE. Also, that link has info for exhibitors and media, if you're interested.

I also have my hotel room reserved. You can get your hotel through the PAX site, or find one on your own. If you get them through the PAX site, you can get a deal on nice hotels that are close to the convention center. Hotel reservations are here. HOTEL ROOMS ARE GOING FAST.

The schedule is also not up yet.

But are you going?

Post here! I'll try to keep the OP updated with the people list and some other info as it becomes available.


People who are going:
@The Geek - Grand Hyatt
@LuvCherie - Grand Hyatt
@Bendery It Like Beckham
@Romanian My Escutcheon - Renaissance
@Anialos - Mayflower Park
@Weaver (gonna be around, but not buying a pass)
@Aphostile - Sheraton
@Nogs and lady
@Blake T - Grand Hyatt
@Vivixenne - Grand Hyatt
@Shorty (gonna be around, not buying a pass)
@Andrew Ryan
@Lexxy - Hilton
@Erics - Hilton
@Ten - Renaissance
@IronKnuckle's Ghost - Hilton
@Zonugal - Renaissance
@Ruby Rhod - Crowne Plaza
@I'd Fuck Chuck Lidell Up

@The Geebs That Is A Pony
@World as Myth
@Captain K

@That Dave Fella
@Lost Salient

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