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PAX Prime 2012 is completely sold out!

A summary, now that passes are totally sold out.

1) PAX prime is popular, and will always sell out, likely faster than it did the previous year.
2) To the folks who are asking for a notification method: Twitter is and has been your friend for quick PAX notifications for years. Don't like Twitter? Too bad, you might miss out on some tweet notifications. If they ever change the notification system, I bet the announcement of that change will be A TWEET.
3) They are not changing registration for this year and they are not adding more badges, pax is sold out.
4) There will be a suggestions thread after pax in which you will be able to post an intelligent and well thought out suggestion on how to improve registration (or something else about pax).

If you want to continue to discuss the registration system, please be calm, collected, and think before you post.

Working registration has been re-launched!

Hopefully it doesn't die this time!

Good luck, and <deity>speed.

If you have registration problems, post them here. The powers that be will be occasionally taking a look over here.

If you previously registered under the old system, you should have already received a second confirmation email that talked about the mess and that you were still all set for your registration. YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-REGISTER UNDER THE NEW SYSTEM. If you have issues, email with detailed information for a resolution.

More information for if you registered under the old system. Currently you cannot log in to the new system with your old system's information to edit your registration. I got confirmation that this will be addressed within the next week or so, and we will receive yet another confirmation email that details our original registration as it gets transferred into the new system.
We will be transferring the data early next week. You’ll get a new confirmation that you will be able to log in with and update your information. Thanks for your patience.

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