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Star Wars: [Phalla]nce in the Force - Sith Empire(mafia) Are Victorious

ObiFettObiFett Use the ForceAs You WishRegistered User regular
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ObiFett's foray into the world of hosting and creating phallas


Star Wars

Need more? Fine.

The story takes place in the Star Wars universe around the time of Darth Bane. The Sith are still an Empire but are on the decline. Their last ditch effort to gain control of the Galaxy is to activate their sleeper agents that have infiltrated nearly every level of the Jedi Order and at the same time launch an offensive against a myriad of planets. The Sith hope the disarray that the agents can create in the Order will give them the edge they need to take control of the galaxy.

The Jedi are not new to defending the galaxy, however. They have hundreds of years of training and knowledge about how to defeat the the Sith Empire. They are led by a powerful Council and plenty of Jedi Knights/Padawan teams with the ability to react to any planet that needs their aid.

Game Overview

Genre: Village v Mafia with a heavy dose of interactivity and choice for all. The game was created so that everyone would have something to do and could play a very important part in their side's eventual victory or defeat. At its heart it is still a Phalla game, Penny Arcade Forum's version of the party game Mafia. If this is your first game, it will be informative to visit the linked topic for some background information.

In this game, the majority of players are Jedi trying to root out and cleanse their order of Sith Infiltrators while also preventing the Sith from gaining more power through galactic control. Every player will either be in the Jedi Council OR be part of a Knight/Padawan pairing. Every player will have multiple powers they will need to choose from each night.

Special Mechanics

The Jedi Council

The Jedi Council is immune to the vote. There will always be 10 members of the Jedi Council. The Jedi Council will be dissolved and vulnerable to the vote when there are 20 or less people alive in the Order.

The "Power Vacuum" Rule

Whenever a Council Member dies, a Knight will replace that Council member as chosen by the Council. The Knight then gains Council member powers and loses any previous knight powers.

Whenever a Knight dies, their padawan will take their place. The Padawan gains Knight powers and loses any previous padawan powers.

Planetary Control

The Jedi and Sith will be vying for control of the galaxy's planets. These planets will provide powers to the side that controls it. Each side will have ways to increase their influence (and subsequently decrease their opponent's influence) on a planet. When a side achieves 12 influence on a planet, it is considered to be in control by that side. Think of each planet as having a track: Sith on one side, Jedi on the other. Each point of influence contributed to a planet moves it that many ticks towards the side that contributed the point. 12 points past neutral in either direction is the max any planet can have. When at 12 points of influence towards a side, that side controls it. When a planet is taken by the Jedi, a random Jedi-aligned Knight who helped take control of the planet that night will be given the planet's power to control. When a planet is taken by the Sith, the Sith Infiltrators as a whole will decide how to use its power. A side loses control of a planet when the influence is returned to neutral (0 influence towards either side).

Starting Map Conditions:
Jedi Controlled Planets:
Coruscant: Seat of Power. Initially under Jedi Control and this power is controlled by and known to the Jedi Council.

Neutral Planets (Full power description will only be given to the Jedi/Sith that get control of the planet.):
Nal Hutta


Due to the rumors of infiltrators in the Jedi Order, there will be regular votes to remove suspected members from the order. Vote for the player who you find most suspicious in bold red. You may retract a vote by posting "!retract vote for <player name>" or similar phrase in bold limegreen or change your vote by making another one in bold red. Do not, under any circumstance, edit a post that has a vote. If an edit is necessary, make a new post instead. The player who receives the most votes will be kicked out of the order and eliminated from the game. Should there be a tie in the vote, then all players involved in the tie will be eliminated, as well as the player that instigated the tie, whether that be due to a vote being placed or a vote being removed. If the vote winner is eliminated before the vote is resolved, there will be no "trickle down".

Voting will close each day at 10PM PDT/MST (1AM EST | 6AM UTC) SHARP; any votes before the hour (x:59) will count, any votes on the hour and later (x:00) will not.


Every player should have orders to submit and they must be submitted one half-hour before vote close. Due to the way the powers work in this game, all non-sith infiltrator (aka all non-mafia) orders must be submitted through private PM to the host. (preferably using the same conversation you get your role in). Sith Infiltrator (mafia) orders can be submitted on their proboards.

Signing Up

Sign up with the phrase "I !sign up" or similar phrase in bold limegreen or other bright, easily visible color to ensure that your intent to play is acknowledged. Along with your signup, you will need to submit your Jedi name in blue. Anything is allowed.

Sample sign-up:
I !sign up
Novah Lionstar

Signups will be open until Sunday 5/5/2012 until 7pm MST/PDT. Due to high lethality, the game is designed to be played by 50 players and can easily scale to more. Scaling down is a little harder and if we can't get 50 players, I will try my best to scale it down to the amount of people we do have. Day 1 will start Sunday at 10pm MST/PDT and will end on Monday at 10pm MST/PDT


It is expected that players do at least two of the following three things each day to be considered sufficiently active: make at least two posts, make a vote, submit private actions. A warning will be sent on the first day that this requirement is not met, and a replacement will be made on the second consecutive day of inactivity or third day overall. If there are no replacements available, then the player will be eliminated from the game.


Any questions about the general game rules may be made by highlighting the question in bold darkorange text. Answers will be posted in the thread and collected in the below section. Player-specific inquiries that are not addressed in the general rules may be asked via PM to the host.

Other Rules

Standard Phalla rules apply: no sharing of host-provided PMs via screenshots or direct quotation. However, information may be shared indirectly, such as through rephrasing. You may not add new players to preexisting private conversations after the first message - start a new conversation instead. No anonymous contact is allowed. All messages must be traceable to a player in the game. Once you are eliminated, you may not make any more game conversation with players remaining in the game.

If any players create proboards for private communication or interesting conversations including more than two players, please send links for them to the host.

Questions and Answers

Do the knight/padawan pairings]imply trustworthy masoning or just a pairing?
Pairing does not mean masoning. Pairing is also not "just a pairing". Powers may or may not be dependent upon the actions of your Master/Padawan.

Also while control is a thing this game for powers, is planetary control a victory condition as well? Or is it standard village/mafia elimination?
Planetary control is not a victory condition for the mafia or village, just a source of powers. Planetary control will be used to determine the winner in the case of ties.

Will the mafia be allowed to pick their own secret Sith names (e.g. Darth Examplus)?
yes, and those names will be used in the narration. so they will need to pick wisely

Can low down, dirty sith use pre-existing player names to try and frame people? Ex. Darth Bedlam
I don't see why not

When a planet is taken by the Jedi, a random Knight who helped take control of the planet that night will be given the planet's power to control.
By Knight, here, do you mean Knight as in the Knight/Padawan relationship, or generically jedi? If the former, what happens if no Knight was involved in taking over the planet?
I mean Knight as in Jedi Knight. Aligned with the Jedi.
It is impossible for the Jedi to take a planet without a Knight being there.

What happens if there is a stalemate in the council when members needs to be replaced?
This is an impossibility

If a knight is elected to the council, does the padawan gain the knight's ability?

Do you want us to include you in Private Messages?
yes please

Thralls, millers, conversions?
By the exact definition of Thralls and Millers, no.
Conversions are extremely limited.

If Jedi die while on a mission, does their mission get completed?

Does the Knight who gets a planetary power get publicly revealed?[/quote]

What order does the narration take place? Namely, if a jedi that is being killed that night is on a mission that is successfully completed, do they have a chance of getting the power from that planet?

If a Jedi-aligned Knight gets a power from a planet takeover and then dies at any point in the future, the power will carry on to a RNG Jedi-aligned Knight chosen from a pool of Knights that were on a mission that night to that planet with the original Knight. If that condition fails, then it will carry on to a RNG Jedi-aligned Knight chosen from a pool of Knights that have ever been on a mission to that planet. If that condition fails, then it will carry on to a RNG Jedi-aligned Knight chosen from all Jedi-aligned Knights. If there are no Knights, no one gets the power.

Initial Sign-ups


Day 1

shalmelo Padawan Olem Lahs - Put in stasis by the Council
38thDoe Knight ☺☻♥♣♪♫Ω∞♠♦◘○ - Put in stasis on the Order's command
FecklessRogue Knight Finnigan Rysoh - Killed in a duel
Baidol Darth Huggles, Apprentice to the Dark Lord of the Sith - Killed in a duel

Day 2

TheRoadVirus, Vashta Nerada - Put in stasis on the Order's command
REG Rysk Knight Saphelon De'Armetis - Put in stasis by the Council
AkimboLegs Knight Kado - Sword of the Jedi - Killed by order of the Emperor

Day 3

Infidel, Saber Evileight, A Hand of the Emperor - Put in stasis by the Council
corvidae, Knight corvus corax - Put in stasis on the Order's command
Kias, Master Dark Helmet - Killed in a duel
jdarksun, Padawan Krema Matyr - Killed by Mandalorian Bounty Hunters
MrTLicious, Knight Vitju Mavis - Assassinated while meditating
CaptainPlanet82, Padawan Butscratch'A - Killed in a Duel
I needed a name to post, Knight Harry S. Plinkett - Assassinated on a mission

Day 4

vertroue Saber Lotus - Put in stasis by the Order
Farangu Saber Malus - Put in stasis by the Council
capfalcon Lord Nefarious - Killed in a duel
Alegis Master Thraellvi'g Gennsan - Killed by mandalorian bounty hunters
tzeentchling Knight Pandora Rose - Sword of the Jedi - Killed on Order of the Emperor
Cythraul Knight Inactivus - Assassinated while on a mission
That Dave Fella Knight Thafel Fartmaster - Killed in a duel

Day 5

Peccavi Knight Xzibit - Put in stasis by the Order
Malkor Knight Peen Rokolu - Put in stasis by the Council
Shiny New Toys Master Ado Conrye - Killed by Mandalorian bounty hunters
JABMonkey Knight Ezlee Seyfert - Killed by Nikto assassins
SaberOverEasy Master Hammer Wilga - Killed in a duel
Retaba Knight Ket'Brah - Killed by order of the Emperor
SeGaTai Lord IEATYOUNGLINGS - Killed in a duel
Assuran Dark Lord of the Sith Hekatombe - Risen against and found weak
pablo_price Knight Scoo'taloo - Assassinated while on a mission

Day 6

SLyM Master Tvet Slyndar - Killed in a duel
MrBlarney Lord Odium - Killed in a duel
Gaslight Knight Var Falconer - Assassinated while on a mission and Killed by Mandalorian bounty hunters
Smoove Operator Master Oobedoob Benubi - Put in stasis by the Order
Schuss Darth Badevil Goodslayer, Apprentice to the Dark Lord of the Sith - Killed in a duel
sportzboytjw Knight Gree M. D'Arrc - Killed by order of the Emperor

Day 7

Rawkking Goodguy Darth Mask, Dark Lord of the Sith - Put in stasis by the Order
warban Master gℓιт¢н - Killed by Mandalorian bounty hunters
Figgy Lord Brooks - Killed in a duel
Mr. Mojo Risin Knight Tacitus, The Last Sword of the Jedi - Killed in a duel
mascara305 Darth Princess - Killed in a duel

Day 8

l3lasphemer69 Master Travius Starscream - Put in stasis by the Order
matev Master Ilin Draconis - Killed in a duel
Bedlam Knight Wang Visectamus - Killed by order of the Emperor
Grunt's Ghosts Knight Vicus Oman - Killed by Mandalorian bounty hunters
Cayrus Knight Wedge Starkiller - Assassinated while on a mission

Sith Empire Wins
Kime Saber Amphibious
Nirya Lord Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Day 0 - A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Day 1 - Named must your fear be before banish it you can
Day 2 - Insignificant next to the potential of the Force
Day 3 - Earned it I have
Day 4 - Always in motion is the future
Day 5 - Revenge of the Sith
Day 6 - Scattered
Day 7 - Hate leads to suffering
Day 8 - Give in to the Power of the Dark Side

ObiFett on
SWTOR Main - Novah (Shadowlands)
Xbox Live - ObiFett (BF4 / Destiny)
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