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Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow (The 7 Divisions of Immortal Vampires)

DjRunzaDjRunza Registered User
edited May 2012 in Artist's Corner
BEHOLD! This is the first ever picture at initial stage of the illustration sketching for Zamelia and Chibi which was done by my friend and I. They are one of the 7 Divisions of Immortal Vampires who serve under Lord Olrox who became the new "King of Immortal Vampires" in my fangame of Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow. The other 5 Division of Immortal Vampires are coming soon! Stay tune! Here's the picture below:


Do not hesitate to drop by some comments of yours in the box section below here. Cheers! :D

Line Art by Arikado12
Colors by DjRunza


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