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Awesome: 'Let's talk about Diablo 3, baby' by No Great Name

No Great NameNo Great Name FRAUD DETECTEDRegistered User regular
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about two years ago
"Hilarious. Context: [quote="Moriveth;23044650"][quote="neville;23043579"][quote="IpseDixit;23042954"]I mean if they were determined to make the battletags visible why don't they just do a two line system, Character name in large battletag in smaller text below? All problems solved @Neville I demand you present my idea to the board [spoiler]You guys have a board that you can present things to right?[/spoiler][/quote] i can put it on a whiteboard downfall: nobody important will see it. 8-)[/quote] He said to present it So you have to go "Whiteboard, here is this idea!"[/quote]"
"I'll go tell whiteboard"

"I think he meant go get whiteboard"

"Whiteboard guess what"

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