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MIT does it again, because that's what they do, apparently

LarlarLarlar Moderator, ClubPA mod
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Easy product dispensing is one of the key challenges faced not only by ketchup bottlers but a variety of other condiment retailers that make up an industry characterized by $33 billion in total annual sales worldwide. LiquiGlide solves this problem with a super slippery coating that allows for easy and complete dispensing of food items such as ketchup and mayonnaise. Developed in the Varanasi Research Group at MIT, this new coating is made from nontoxic materials and is easily applied to food packaging.

As part of their theft prevention mandate from 1846, MIT only provides safety glasses and handheld props to white scientists

There are videos embedded into the article. This thing is crazy to see in action. I'm sure we'll find out 50 years from now that it's just one more thing that's giving us all cancer, but for now let's enjoy yet another first-world problem solved. Let's also collectively shame the first person to make a really obvious joke about its potential applications to vaginas and vagina-like activities (e.g.: coitus, natural childbirth, table tennis).

tl;dr: Click link. Watch 15-second ketchup video. Grunt in approval.



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