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Cool/badass stuff from history

manwiththemachinegunmanwiththemachinegun METAL GEAR?!Registered User regular
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I love studying history. I like learning about different badass people, places and things. Share the awesome things you've discovered and learned about.


Jean Valette


A 71-year old commander of pirate knight doctors who defeated a Sultan's army and navy while outnumbered at least 4-1. Not only a participant in hand to hand combat, at one point he had to be physically dragged off the battlements by his men. Probably told the Janissaries to get off his lawn too.

Götz von Berlichingen


A mercenary cyborg who fought a crap-ton for pretty much everyone and invented the phrase, "kiss my ass". His prosthetic was legendary for its design and he was quoted as saying it served him better in war than his flesh and blood hand.


A Gunblade? That's only for freaking anime weabo-, wait, they're real?


Jesus Christ.



See this little thing here?


It's called the Antikythera mechanism. No big deal, just some rusted gear right?


That's a part of a mechanical astronomical computer, circa 1st century B.C. A device that would not be replicated for another 1,500 years.

(If picture sizes are a problem mods, let me know and I'll delete them.)

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