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[EuroPAX] 2014: is there a pot of Smof at the end of the rainbow? [Potentially Ireland]

GumpyGumpy There is alwaysa greater powerRegistered User regular
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Eurovison is over, so the promised EuroPAX 2013 thread has appeared!

Last year a number of the most wonderful forumers out there decided to gather together and spend a weekend in the wonderful city of Edinburgh exploring castles, eating burgers and experiencing culture. It was really a good weekend! So good that some of us want to have another go

So, lets talk Europax III: Electric Burgaloo'aloo

Where shall it be?:

By Virtue and Industry

Staring longingly at the south coast of wales, Bristol is one of the nicest towns on the west coast. I've never been there, but all the people I know from around there are really quite nice.

But when?!

5-7 of July!

Who'll be going?

Green has said they are coming and are ready to party
Orange probably will but needs more details/just needs to confirm
Yellow is fairly interested in coming
Red has no interest in hanging out with us plebeians :[
Magenta has made their intentions towards us somewhat unclear
Blue wants some attention

What'll we get up to?

Depends on where we go, but last time we did pretty much the entire shibang, so there will probably be museums, drinks, classy do's and many many burgers.

I'll upgrade the OP when we've all selected a place to go and I'll do the full breakdown of whats on offer and how to get there and all that jazz

Gumpy on


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