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Ellen's Electronic Expo (Ask Neville Rules, Page 20!)

YaYaYaYa Rick and Morty forever and ever 100 years!a100timesRickandMorty.comRegistered User regular
edited June 2012 in Singularity Engine++

it's happening yet again you guys

all the stuff we'll be humming and hawwing over for the next year is getting introduced next week



talking about how great the Vita's really gonna be you guys seriously and also The Last Of Us probably!


do you like the Kinect yet? now? now? now? now? what about now? now? also Halo 4 probably!


here's everything you love about your childhood back again! here's a new console that you'll be crazy about until six months after it comes out! NEW IPs! nah just kidding

everything is starting on Monday the 4th, here's the presser schedule shamelessly stolen from Game Informer
Monday, June 4

Microsoft - 9:30 AM

Electronic Arts - 1:00 PM

Ubisoft - 3:00 PM

Sony - 6:00 PM

Tuesday, June 5

Nintendo - 9:00 AM

what do you guys have to say about all this? are Sony and Microsoft lying about not revealing new hardware? will the Wii U actually be a hardcore-friendly platform that has some fucking games on it? will Mr Caffeine make a triumphant return?


also it turns out that some people from here will be there!
@Bogey maybe

YaYa on


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