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The Gloomy Rainbow, or A Particularly Dour LGBT Thread.

Bobkins FlymoBobkins Flymo FF69B4Registered User, Moderator mod
edited June 2012 in Singularity Engine++
Is it still just LGBT? I wouldn't know. It's not like I get the newsletter or anything. What? Research? No, I demand all my information spoonfed by the rest of you. Do my homework for me.
We got the rights, the acknowledgement, the government, most of the population. And now the Straights even took your thread. It will be broken down to further feed our Entitlement Unending.

Yet, while sitting high upon my Throne of Privilege, I can see the threat to my lofty position in the societal food chain. They are growing in number, and demanding petty shit like "rights" and "respect." Some of them enjoy men and yet...are men themselves. Some enjoy women and yet...are also women. Some are like sexual fence-sitters and enjoy both (I am fanning myself furiously at just the thought of it). In other cases, they are born male or female, but consider themselves the opposite. The mere concepts boils my rigid, unchanging worldview. No sir, this does not sit right with me. There's even a group of dudes that wear dresses, and I'm pretty sure that's just to fuck with me. That's how this works, right? Everything revolves around me? Yet, this is the thread is not about me. It is a deviant cocktail of discussion of both the aforementioned peoples and other parts of this sinful rainbow. Or, as I call it, a sinbow.

The main goal of this thread is to discuss the issues of LGBTIQ people and share experiences with each other. It for for both education and support; so that we may grow closer together and became a more educated, tolerant community as a whole. kiss the asses of straight, cis-gendered dudes when they demonstrate knowledge of a Wikipedia article regarding your identity that they googled two minutes ago.

And for God's sake, don't get too icky with your heathen talk. It is a raw, perverted onion to the delicate, pure eyes of baby Jesus.



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