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Boom Smartphones

We carry around devices in our pockets that are more powerful than the computers that (allegedly) put us on the moon. It's some weird shit to know that hypothetically instead of texting your friend about the size of the omelette you just made using Omelette Maker Pro on your new Zune Phone, you could be blasting monkeys and shit into fucking space.

This is a thread to talk about your smartphones and tablets and sometimes people talk about computers too 'cause you're all archaic and still use those for things.

Did you just get a nifty old Smartphone? Or maybe a new one because getting an old Smartphone would be weird? You're gonna need some apps. The best way to find apps you want is to browse around the App or Play store, and discover neat things. And then post them here because we all like nice apps (for example if you find an app about blasting monkeys and shit into space please let me know). But if you're lazy or starved for neat things, you can look in these spoilers at some apps we like.

Mouse over the icons for descriptions. Clicking them will take you to their page in whatever store they belong in so you can set them to download to your devices!


I am in the middle of making this OP super cool which means there are no android apps here yet because I don't feel like adding the icons and stuff tonight and I won't stand for sub-par appearance. I'll add it in later or something I promise.

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