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Awesome: '[STEAM] SλLE! // Qube, Magicka, Grimrock. Why choose? Get '...' by iRevert

iRevertiRevert Tactical Martha StewartRegistered User regular
iRevert wrote: »
minor, didn't you spend all last sale getting your credit cards systematically shut down? :P

Yes. 8 times, I believe.

This time I loaded up a few hundred in my Steam Wallet and have been using that to gift and buy.

Ironically, I traded in some games at GameStop to get an extra Steam Wallet card, and I owed a couple bucks above the trade value, so when I paid for that with my credit card, I got a fraud prevention call 2 minutes later.

Don't these people know that I spend absurd amounts of money on video games?

I think VISA basically just said fuck all with fraud protection on me after the $5,000 lube fiasco.

You know you can't say something like this and not follow up.

Basically we had access to a massive hill that was next to a lake a buddy owns a house on, he runs some pretty great summer parties and people end up showing up as he's near a park. Basically we spent a ton of time clearing trees and brush and digging a chute all the way down and lined it with tarps to make a giant slip-n-slide. We figured out water didn't cut it if we pumped it up from the lake so we ordered a summers worth of lube.

575 gallons of lube to be exact, kept the chute slippery to the extent that people would hit the little ramp on the bottom and skip across the water.

Bunch of people kicked in on the order and I made it because I'm the only person who can take freight deliveries. We ended up not using one drum of it so everyone took home a bunch for....personal entertainment.

I made the order and visa flagged it and called me to verify the order not once but twice because they couldn't believe it apparently. First answer I gave them what it was for because they couldn't believe it was quite sarcastic and the second time because I was pissed that I had to jump through the hoops again I told them it was for gathering samples in artificial insemination on elephants. That lady the second time didn't have much of a sense of humor when I told her there would be a number of orders for umbrellas and hip waders occurring shortly as well.

Some people I tell ya.



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