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bowenbowen Registered User regular
This website has been staying open and never really finishing the page download on my pages lately.

I use chrome/firefox and I left one open last night and came back to my computer this morning and it was still trying to load that. Anyway we can get this fixed? I'm assuming it's some sort of metric/advertisement that's just dragging here. Probably been happening on and off for the past few weeks now. Occasionally it'll be cdn.vanillaforums.com as well. But far less so than the appspot stuff (no adblock for pa forums).


  • bowenbowen Registered User regular
    And apparently alabasterslim.com or whatever is showing up too. They just drag.

  • EsseeEssee The pinkest of hair. Victoria, BCRegistered User regular
    I think it's usually been just cdn.vanillaforums.com for me, but yeah, for the last couple days that site continued loading forever, or for a very long time at least, most of the time I load a subforum. Like right now, I can see a subforum all loaded up but it's still "Waiting for" that site on one of my tabs. I waited a couple minutes before finishing typing this post and it's still kept on trucking. Ooooh, it suddenly stopped just now when a draft saved on this tab. Coincidence or related?

  • bowenbowen Registered User regular
    Probably the javascript forcing a page stop or something.

    I went flat out and adblocked appspot and alabaster and my problems seemed to have stopped completely with pages being open forever.

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