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[Phalla]-Game of Secrets- Game over! Mafia Victory!

lonelyahavalonelyahava One day, I will be able to say to myself"I am beautiful and I am perfect just the way I am"Registered User regular
edited August 2012 in Critical Failures

Welcome, welcome one and all to the fabulous Game of Secrets! [applause] Thank you. Thank you. I am your hostess for the next several days, Ahava! Now, let me go over a few rules for those of you playing along at home. Here at the Game of Secrets we have rented out a large dining hall for your amusement. Inside this dining Hall we have set up a living quarters for some several guests. How many? Well that all depends on who shows up to play the game! [laughter, applause]

When our guests arrive they will be asked to leave their names at the door, along with a postcard shaped note containing their innermost secret. [oooooooo!] It can be a secret about anything! Love lost, love found, love missing! Deep-seated fears or unacknowledged hatred! The most embarrassing moment of their lives, or the most freeing moment they dream of! Their secrets can be anything from the most wild to the most mundane! We won’t care! We will take them all! [applause]

Once all of our guests have arrived and their names recorded and their secrets dropped off, the well-trained staff here at Game of Secrets will take the postcards away from the venue, and transfer them to smaller cards which will then be given to me to hold onto. None of the guests, contestants, will know whose card has gone to whom. [gasps!]

Now, for the game part of the Game of Secrets. Each night the group of contestants within the dining hall will present us with a name. That name will be the person they believe to be the least savoury of those they are with. That person, good or bad, will then be removed from the Game of Secrets. The secret that was assigned to them will be revealed and depending on what it was, something else may happen! Who knows! It’s a Game of Secrets after all. [applause]

So here we go! Let’s see who is the first through the door!


This is a Phalla! If you are not familiar with this game, then go here and it will be explained to you.

This particular game is what we lovingly call “vanilla. With a twist”. There will be your standard roles present in this game Seer, Guard, Vigilante, Mafia, Masons There may be one or two random other roles, but that I will keep a secret. There are no Thralls, Millers, Conversions, or other obnoxious roles present. Why not? Because I dislike playing in games with them present so I’m not going to run a game with them present.

Sign-ups: unlike my past games, Sign-ups for this game are unlimited. As many players as we can get in a 48 hour period will be accepted. Please sign-up in bolded color. **NOT WHITE! I am old and lazy and using the default vanilla theme. If you sign up in WHITE I won't be able to see it and I will ignore your signup. **

When you sign-up to play, please inform the thread of your “name”. This will be your persona throughout the game. There will be no assigned names, no obvious roles, or anything of the like to make a role call available. There is not source material for this game other than what you the players put into it.
Secondly, when you sign-up, I will ask that you send me a PM (only one!) with your role’s Deepest Secret in it. These will be collected from every player and then randomly distributed at game start. If you have somehow managed to provide me with a secret identical are so close as to appear identical to another players, you will be asked to resubmit another secret.

These secrets will be divided into broad categories by myself and the secret in the hands of those chosen to leave the game may or may not have some effect on the game. What effect, well that is for you all to guess or figure out.

Vote Close Because I am a generous host, I will be putting vote close at around 4pm New Zealand Time. Which is Midnight EDT, 11pm Central, 10pm Mountain, and 9pm Pacific. You’re Welcome. Orders, if there are any, will be accepted until xx:59 of the hour prior to close, as time stamped by the forums.

Sign-ups will close at some point to be determined but no later than 10 am Sunday in New Zealand. Which will be 6pm Saturday on the East coast in the States. Depending upon the rate of signups I may decide to close things a bit earlier, or a bit later.

So now that this business has been concluded, we shall begin! Anything that I haven’t covered, please ask for clarification for in bolded darkorange and I will do my best to answer the question for you. You know, if I feel like it.
Game On!

The Remaining Victors: The Producer’s pact

REG Rysk

The Remaining Losers

I needed a name to post



Day Zero Narration
Day One narration
Day Two narration
Day Three narration
Day Four narration
Day Five narration
Day Six narration
Day Seven narration
Day Eight narration
Final Narration

The Removed:
Day One:

Langly- I Needed a Name to Play – Exiled for speaking too much
The Dagon- Jack Mehoff – Producer’s Cut; Secreted Away
Chamberlain—eddie izzard –Producer’s Cut

Jdarksun—Jonah—Had the Insight—Producer’s Cut

Day Two:

Retaba – Removed by the group
Ketbra – BFF #1 – Pushed out a window
Obifett – Removed by Producers’ pact
Greenbarons – Removed by producers’ pact
Egos – Removed by producer’s pact
Exarch – Treated like Jimmy Hoffa

Day Three

Anialos – Removed by the Group
Megafrost—A Producer’s Pet – lost his dental floss
MrTLicious –Removed by producer’s pact
Infidel – Removed by producer’s pact
Slym— BFF #2 -- Bitch, Please
That Dave Fella – Bitch, Please

Day Four

Smoove operator – Removed by the Group
Psolms—A producer’s pet
Premium – vengeful vigilance – Removed by producer’s pact
Alegis – Removed by producer’s pact
Englightenedbum – had some Insight – Removed by producer’s pact

Day Five

The Removed
Spool32 – a producer’s pet – Removed by the Group
Kilnaga –something something missing a pillow
MrBlarney – Removed by Producer’s Pact
adventfalls – removed by producer’s pact

Day Six

romanqwerty – Removed by the group
Trueneverborn – removed by Producer’s pact
Orange Soda –removed by Producer’s pact

Day Seven

vagrant_winds – Removed by the group
lucedes – had his will stolen
Mill – vengeful vigilante -- Removed by Producer’s pact
bluecyan – Removed by producer’s pact

Day Eight

The Anonymous – Removed by Group
diorinix –over protective – removed by Producer’s pact
Warban – over protective – removed by producer’s pact

Day Nine

The Ender –Removed by the Group
Kime – Removed by Producer’s pact
Sportzboytjw – removed by producer’s pact

lonelyahava on


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