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Routine | Survival Horror First Person Non-Linear Moon Base Exploration With Permadeath



  • SyngyneSyngyne Registered User regular
    Yeah, the guy in the trailer gets fucked pretty hard.

  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Golden slumbers fill your eyes Smiles await you when you riseRegistered User regular
    Over halfway through March. No word on release yet. These people are pro-tier trolls.

    Steam ID: joshofalltrades31
  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu ___________PIGEON _________San Diego, CA Registered User regular
    They definitely seem to have issues with timing their stuff.

  • UselesswarriorUselesswarrior Registered User regular
    Game dev is hard, yo.

    Hey I made a game, check it out @ http://ifallingrobot.com/. (Or don't, your call)
  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu ___________PIGEON _________San Diego, CA Registered User regular
    Almost as hard as estimating when it will be done!

  • SyngyneSyngyne Registered User regular
    the biggest jump scare will be when this game drops

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