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[PHALLA] Final Fantasy XIV: CLOSED Shalmelo and Cythraul WIN!

TrueNeverbornTrueNeverborn Registered User
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Final Fantasy XIV: A Phalla Reborn

Welcome back, Please remember that you have family, friends and a job. Don’t ignore your responsibilities. Remember to take plenty of breaks and stretch at least once an hour.

…. Update Complete - Version 2.0….

…. Logging in ….

…. Error 1337 ….

…. Virus detected, validating file structure ….

Entered World: Phalla

Entered Zone: The Black Shroud

Joined Linkshell “Penny Arcade”

Aria Loshi>> What the hell? Where is all my stuff!?

Gamerchick 88>> Apparently hackers uploaded a virus onto the World and destroyed all the items. Everyone has been given another free month of game time and a free fishing rod.

Gunther Fortin>> Do you guys mind, you’re ruining the RP atmosphere.

If you have never played a Phalla before, for the love of the Elementals go here.

This is not a conventional Phalla, it will have lots of mechanics, lots of roles/classes and some interesting twists. It should be a good time had by all but it won’t be ‘normal’ by any means.

There will be Seers, Vigilantes, Guards, Vote Manipulation (Positive only) and some new roles. There will not be Thralls, Conversions, Millers, Insane/Chaotic Seer and/or disconnected players coming back. All Role PMs are unaltered Truth. If there is something in your Role that changes the rules I am about to lay out, the Role PM trumps it. I will not make any further Clarifications unless they are PMd. If such a Clarification is deemed global enough I will post it in the Clarification section below, as well as in its own post.

Health Points: Everyone starts with 100% HP, to keep things easy everything is expressed in %’s. Depending on what happens some of the % totals will get ridiculous but in the end it is math I’ll need to do. If your HP changes you’ll be receiving a PM to notify you.

Day Structure/Order (All in Eastern Standard Time -5 GMT)
New Day 10pm
Mid Day 12pm
Role PMs before 8pm
Vote Closes 9pm
Narration 9:30pm

Narration’s order of operation is as follows. Everything happens at the same time, so if a Vig kills a Seers’ target, the Seer still gets the results. First to last: Abilities Activate/used -> Abilities resolve/end ->Vote Resolution

In XIV your class is based on what weapon you have equipped. As such your Role is based on the weapon(s) you possess. Your Role may be given to another player, anonymously, if you haven’t used it yet. Once you have used your ability it can’t be given away. It is sent as the Role PM for that Role, for that Day. Hence it resolves after Abilities are activated but before Abilities or the Vote resolves. So if a Role is handed to someone who is then voted for, or otherwise removed, the Role is effectively destroyed as well.

A single player may possess up to two weapons, and therefore two Roles. You may use both abilities if you have them. If the player you targeted to give your Role to is unable to take it a “Sorry the recipient [insert target’s name] mailbox is full” PM will be sent out.

Group/Party System: Every Phalla at one point or another has networks. I’m rewarding you for it. Parties are limited to 5 players max, for every 5 votes within the same party for the same person they give 1 extra vote for that person. You may only be in 1 group at a time.

Forming a Party: Send a PM to me with everyone attached and the purpose of the PM. Everyone must “Accept” in some fashion. Once at least 2 players have accepted the party is formed, the others have till Role Call at 8pm to accept or they “Denied” the invite. After which I will create a new PM with the appropriate members.

Party Leader: The player who initiates the Party is Party Leader by default. They may “Give Leadership” to someone else, “Oust” (kick) someone in the party, or “Disband” the party all together. Again such must be received by Role Call at 8pm.

Adding Players to an existing Party: It is truly up to you as a player if you wish to allow a new player to join an already existing party and be able to read the history. It is also acceptable to start a new group. To add a player to an existing group the Party Leader simply starts a PM with the three of us and they must “Accept” by 8pm. If you’re starting a new group, be sure to notify the previous group PM.

Private Boards and Parties: I have a lot of things going on, and as great as this is all going to be for all of you it’s going to be a nightmare for me. I will not be moderating proboards, if you wish to host one, Give me an invite. The board must have a topic designating it is for group mechanics. Each group must have a separate topic. The OP (opening post) must be kept up to date listing the members. I will still require each member to post in the topic “Accept”, “Leave”, etc. Obviously this would be preferred over PM groups but the other option is there for those that need it.

I also request to be attached to every PM, and given Access to every private board pertaining to this Phalla. Not that I don’t trust you as players, I would really just like to see what is going on your end. Be able to gauge things as needed.
Terms that will be used:
/Linkshell = The Forum
/Party = A private chat board/Group PM
/Tell = PMs (Not Role or Group PMs)

Lastly Player size/Registration: I’m hoping for 60 players with a rolling 10 signup. This means for every 10 people who sign up those 10 get in. Anyone over the last 10 (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60) but before the next 10 are automatically reserved. This is to try and keep a nice round number. I’ll adjust as needed down or up as we get closer to sign-up closing. But in the meantime go hound your friends to play. I’ve put a lot of work into this and hope as many people as possible can enjoy it.
Signups/Retractions are to be in Bold and Lime. IE: Trueneverborn
Votes are to be in Bold and Red. Trueneverborn

Signups are scheduled to be closed 9/8/2012 9pm (-5 GMT). I may push it back depending on how close we are to a round 10, but no extension longer then 1 extra day.

Patch 1.99 Complete

Players Logged off:
Day 1:
Phyphor - Player, Disconnected, Banned
Cayrus - Player, Reset by Admin, Under Investigation
Capfalcon - Player, Returned, Under Investigation

Day 2:
Kime - Player, Disconnected, Banned
TheRoadVirus - Player, Thamaturge, Reset by Admin, Under Investigation
Anialos - Player, Returned, Under Investigation
JDarksun - Player, Rolesmith, Returned, Under Investigation
Koan - Hacker, AFK/Inactivus, Banned
Arasaki - Player, AFK/Inactivus, Banned
Megafrost - Player, Logged out, Banned

Day 3:
SaberOverEasy - Player, Marauder, Disconnected, Banned
Langly - Hacker, Conjurer, Reset by Admin, Under Investigation
MrTLicious – Hacker, Marauder, Returned, Under Investigation
Ketbra - Crafter, Rolesmith, Returned, Under Investigation
Kilnaga – Player, Returned, Under Investigation
38thDoe – Player, Conjurer, Returned, Under Investigation

Day 4:
Unearthly Stew - Player, Disconnected, Banned
Mi-Go Hunter - Hacker, Gladiator, Reset by Admin, Under Investigation
Tayrun – Player, Returned, Under Investigation
SLyM - Player, Returned, Under Investigation
Typhus733 – Player, Returned, Under Investigation
The Anonymous – Gamemaster, Conjurer, Logged Off

Day 5:
Egos - Player, Disconnected, Banned
Lucedes. - Hacker, Thamaturge Reset by Admin, Under Investigation
Baidol - Player, Returned, Under Investigation
[color=]Citizen[/color] - Player, Returned, Under Investigation
Vagrant_Winds – Player, AFK, Banned

Day 6:
Premium - Player, Disconnected, Banned
Delmain. –Hacker, Pugilist, Reset by Admin, Under Investigation
Mill - Player, Returned, Under Investigation
I Needed A Name To Post - Gamemaster, Archer, Returned, Under Investigation
Obifett – Hacker, Lancer, Returned, Under Investigation

Day 7:
Void Slayer - Player, Disconnected, Banned
BlahmcBlah. - Hacker, Reset by Admin, Under Investigation
JLeo - Rolesmith, Returned, Under Investigation

Day 8:
SeGaTai - Gamemaster, Disconnected, Banned
Lonelyahava - Hacker, Archer, Reset by Admin, Under Investigation
Assuran - Player, Returned, Under Investigation

Day 0: Service message
Day 1: Confusion Abound
Day 2: ROFLcopter
Day 3: Bring out your Jobs!
Day 4: Gamemasters, I lost my stuff!
Day 5: Wand to know what that was?
Day 6: Hackers ain't Hacks
Day 7: Hacker-R-Us
Day 8: Dire Straights

TrueNeverborn on
So if you love games and I love games... Why are we not playing... **sees the forum** OOOOHHHH Yeh!


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