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Unknown Armies: A Game of [PHALLA] and Consequences. Village and Cult win!

CapfalconCapfalcon Tunnel Snakes RuleCapital WastelandRegistered User regular
edited December 2012 in Critical Failures

The Cosmos has died. The Cosmos is dying. The Cosmos will die again.

This is the true secret of the Occult Underground, the one that separates the poseurs from the players. The reason that anything gets done at the tippy top of the Underground? People want to control what the next world looks like. Since someone gets to make the next world in their image, it might as well be you, right? You could fix all the things the last bunch of fuckups got wrong.

You could be a god.

But... lots of people have the same idea. Crazy Mages and Crazier Assassins. Spider-eating Freaks and Geeks. Porno worshiping Cultsts and an honest-to-god wind-up Godzilla. Of course, those guys are a dime a dozen. Even scarier are the perfectly sane people who just really want a shit ton of power. Everyone and their grandmother wants one apocalypse, made-to-order and piping hot.

It's a pulp apocalypse, and you all have front-row seats for the steel-cage death match for all eternity.

But, right now, you've all got more immediate problems. The Occult Underground of New York had been standing on the precipice for well over a year. New York isn't just a Big, Rich City. It's THE Big, Rich City. Sure, there may actually be places that are actually bigger or richer than New York, New York, but everyone just knows that New York is where you go to hit it big or bust down to the gutters.

So, it's no surprise that some of the newest up-and-comers in the Occult Underground, the New Inquisition and the Cult of the Naked Goddess, are maneuvering to snag the city from the Sleepers and make it their own private playground. No one was willing to make the first move. Lines were drawn, and people weren't crossing them. Things were beginning to settle down to an uneasy stalemate.

Of course, that's when the Order of Saint Cecil rolled into town, and everything went straight to Hell...


This is a Phalla, the Penny Arcade Forum's version of Mafia/Are You A Werewolf. However, this one is going to be a pretty experimental game, particularly lots of Alternate Win Conditions. I make no promises about the balance. I can say that I've had several people look over it, and they didn't laugh in my face yet, so I'm taking that as a good sign. However, please don't get mad at me if we end up with Immortal Prince @Langly.

Signups in Lime, and please sign up with a name in blue.
If this isn't a car wreck of a game, there may be more Unknown Armies games in the future, and survivors may get to play a part.

The Villager PM

Standard rules
No sharing of host-provided PMs via screenshots and direct quotation, no anonymous communication, no communication with the dead without host consent.

Vote Close
Each day will end at 11PM CST. Any actions or votes submitted up until X:59 will count, whereas those taken on or after X:00 will not. Please do not submit any actions or votes for the following day until narration has been posted.

Each day, the Occult Underground must nominate a player to be declared persona non grata in the Occult Underground. Things will sort themselves out from there. Each player may !vote for a player in Bold Red. In the result of a tie, all people with tied for most votes will die.

Sign up by posting such in Bold Lime below!

The Underground doesn't like fence sitters. Each day, you've got to speak up on who you want beat down, unless you want to go meet the Comte de St.Germain .

Any player may create a proboard for any reason. However, all proboards must be linked to the host, who must have full access to all information on the board.

Trust is a valuable commodity in Phalla. If you want to add someone to a conversation, you must start a new conversation.
It is not required, yet strongly encouraged, that you include the Host in PMs.

Masons are trustworthy.

Order of Actions
Vote → Manipulation → Charging → Defense → Offense

7. Jdarksun - "Frank West"
11. shalmelo - "Pluto Peyote"
12. undergroundmonorail - "John Madden"
21. Smasher - "The Clown"
26. Gizzy - "Binques"
28. Typhus773 - "Aiwass"
31. Assuran - "Se7en"
42. Erich Zahn - "Gerald Lee Kaus"
44. Bedlam - "Bloodbeams"
46. Macallan - "Doctor Neutron"

1. CaptainPlanet82
2. MagicPrime

Opening Narration

Day 1
32. Kime - "Hutch Cullins" - Enthropomancers - Vote
33. BlahmcBlah - "Fucksoul Shitkiller" - Pornomancer - Sniper round through the head
14. Kilnaga - "Professor William Dyer" - Bibliomancer - Disappeared
22. Retaba - "A Cultist" - Sleeper Leader - Bisected with a Katana
27. FIARYN - "Killfuck Soulshitter" - Avatar of the Merchant - Revolver round through the skull
19. VoidSlayer - "White Knight" - Order of Saint Cecil Cold-blooded Execution

Day 2
Oaklore - "Lee Everett" – Mundane Duke - Vote
zombie hero - "Rat Eater" – Masterless Man – Poisoned
Megafrost - "Sir Annity" -Leader of The New Inquisition - Exorcised to Death
Alegis - "Winston Winchester" –Leader of the Cult of the New Goddess – a Revolver Round through the Head
Matev – Alucard – Bibliomancy - Bisected with Katana
Anialos - "Mr. Snugglesworth Purrington Fluffball III" – Masterless Man -
Face Ripped Off

The Victorious
tzeentchling - "Hagbard Celine" - Cliomancer

Day 3
Mikey CTS - "Last Man Standing" - Enthropomancer – Traditional Gypsy Method
The anonymous - "Soulfuck Killshitter"- Mundane Duke -
Cold Blooded Execution

The Victorious
corvidae - "Dr. Jest" – The Fool

Day 4
Omnious Lozenge – Hutch McGee - Order of Saint Cecil - Vote
CesareB - "John Doe III" - Merchant –

warban - Discord, Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony and Chocolate Rain – Cliomancer - Fisticuffs
SeGaTai - Descartes – Sleeper Leader – Katana'd[
Obifett - T-Dawg – Order of Saint Cecil - Terminal Case of Bad Luck
Stever 777 – The Immortal Prince– Order of Saint Cecil–
Cold-blooded Execution
Baidol - "Huggles Meisterrama" – Cliomancer – Face Ripped Off

The Victorious
The Road Virus - "Ibram Gaunt" – Pornomancer

Capfalcon on


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