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Ogre Battle: [Mini-Phalla] of a Lordly Calibur - MAFIA and Pumpkinhead Victory!

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The empire of Zetegenia is in the middle of a civil war. A revolutionary army, led by Frederick Raskin, seeks to overthrow the rule of King Procus. Their problem with King Procus’s reign is two-fold: one is that they are a puppet state of the nearby Lodis empire, and that Procus and the ruling class ignore the poverty suffered by the lower class.

After initially skirmishing against the Revolutionary Army, Magnus Gallant’s unit has recently defected from the Zetegenian Southern Division, and now fights for the revolution. Frederick’s first set of orders are for Magnus to march westward to intercept the Western division, at Mylesia.

The Lodis Empire recognizes the threat that the Revolutionary Army presents. To stifle this, Baldwin Glendale has sent several of his best agents to infiltrate Magnus’ division, to bring down the unit from within.

Each night the army accuses and executes one person of being a traitor, deciding by vote.

Special Thanks
Special Thanks to TheRoadVirus, SaberOverEasy, and Gizzy for looking over the game and responding to my ideas. You guys are awesome.

This is a relatively standard Phalla game. If you are new, you are more than welcome to join but it might be a good idea to look over the linked topic for the basics.

The village faction is the Revolutionary Army.
The mafia faction are the Agents of Lodis.

Signing Up:
Sign up by posting in bold limegreen. In addition, Magnus’ division of the Revolutionary Army requires a name. You may nominate\vote for the division’s name in bold dodgerblue. When signups are full, the regiment name will be decided.

The source material (Ogre Battle 64) should not play a big part in knowing what is going on in the game. If there is any crucial backstory you should know (i.e. not knowing it may expose you) it will be included in role pm. While i tried to keep things close to the source material, there may have been liberties taken for the purpose of adaptation.

The earliest this game will start is a Monday Day 1, to let the other phallas progress a bit. This is my first time hosting a phalla, so I’m hoping things go well. However, feel free to grudge me if the balance is terrible.

Elimination votes every day will be cast in bold red. Vote close will be at 11 EST.
Edited vote posts will be ignored, which may result in an inactivity warning if left uncorrected.

To be considered active, each player must make at least two posts, and make a vote. You will be removed from the game on the second day that you are inactive.

Other Rules
-Include host in all PM’s and Proboards. No anonymous contact
-No sharing, screenshotting etc. of Host PMs
-If you are eliminated, you can make one ghost post, as long as it has no game information.
-No talking with the dead.
-You may not add players to preexisting PM conversations. Start a new conversation instead.

Sample Villager PM:


Order of Operations:
Vote -> Roleblocks -> Non attack abilities -> Attack Abilities

Vote Ties: Tied Votes will result in both ‘winners’ being removed from the game.

Player List
2. Sir Fabulous
8. Anialos
10. Garret Dorigan
13. CesareB
15. Mikey CTS
17. Assuran
19. Alegis
24. Warban
25. BradicusMaximus
27. Blaze Zero
29. Megafrost
30. Langly

Dead Players

Day 1
4. Kime - Revolutionary Soldier - Executed by Kime's Army
7. Kilnaga - Fencer(Vig) - Executed by Kime's Army
3. Jdarksun - Pile of Ashes
14. Jaysonfour - Old Hag - Couldn't take her own medicine

Day 2
12. Typhus733 - Revolutionary Beastman (Befriender) - executed by Kime’s Army
11. Premium - Pile of Ashes
6. Rawkking Goodguy - Revolutionary Fighter - Ambushed

Day 3
SeGaTai- Revolutionary Soldier - executed by Kime’s Army
Enlightenedbum - Pile of Ashes

Day 4
Vagrant Winds - Revolutionary Soldier - Executed by Kime’s Army
Invictus - Revolutionary Soldier - Executed by Kime’s Army
Xenogears of Bore - Revolutionary Soldier - Crushed by a building
The Anonymous - Revolutionary Soldier - Ambushed

Day 5
Blahmcblah- Revolutionary Soldier - Executed by Kime’s Army
SLyM - Dollmage (Mason, Animator) - Massive Ax Headwound
Lucedes - Golem (Mason, Animated, Tough, Resistant) - Returned to a pile of clay

26. Trust - Pumpkinhead




Day 1 Results

Day 2 Results

Day 3 Results

Day 4 Results

Day 5 Results

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Nintendo ID: Pastalonius
3ds: 3282-2248-0453


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