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Snugglehug II: Beyond Cuddledome

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This is our new (mod approved; send your thanks to Rank) general feel good cheer-me-up thread. For most people that means posting cute animals but you can use this thread to tell stories that make you feel warm inside, or videos of people being nice to each other or whatever makes you feel not so miserable!

I'm going to kick this thread off with a handsome and playful pup!
Ontario-based graphic designer Andrew Knapp noticed that his 4.5 year old border collie, Momo, would always hide when fetching sticks instead of dutifully returning them. After photographing a few of the shots Knapp hatched an idea for a series of urban and rural landscapes with the dog hiding somewhere in the frame. He’s a well-camouflaged pup, definitely the ‘Where’s Waldo’ of the internet. You can follow Momo’s hide and seek adventures at GoFindMomo.com


Be excellent to each other.

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