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DC Comics Thread

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DC Comics - The New 52

Here's the list of ALL of the new 52 titles. They're organized by these loose thematic groupings DC is using:
Justice League: The Justice League is DC's big group of heroes, where Superman and Batman and WONDER WOMAN and others team up against threats they can't fight alone.
Super-Family: Titles about Superman and his various semi-relatives, all of whom are variously Super. (Supergirl and Superboy, especially.)
Batman: Series about Batman, dead Robins, Owls, faces, the number before one, and that's about it.
Green Lantern: Series about interstellar policemen named Green Lanterns who live from event to event.
Young Justice: Just don't read them.
Edge: It's a catch-all category for stuff that just doesn't fit. Usually it involves guns, rich kids, Fucking Threshold, and a big lack of capes.
The Dark: These series have magic, mysticism, actual talent, horror, or some combination of the above. Spooky stuff goes down!

Now, the list has a pretty simple key. The boldd titles are considered especially good, well-received by media critics and the regulars here in the thread. The Italic titles are considered bad.


The titles below have been cancelled, use the same key as above to identify the good and the bad.

However, to keep the new 52 at 52, DC is releasing new titles every few months which pick up some themes from other series or simply add new ideas. They are:

Here are the July 2013 solicitations:

Anyway, I hope this helps - enjoy your reading!

(ps: get Wonder Woman.)

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