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Shadow Moses Pre-PAX Game Night at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf! (Updated 3/20/13)

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Shadow Moses Pre-PAX Game Night at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf!

This year, for the first time ever, PAX East will have not 1, but 2 pre-PAX gaming nights, staggered throughout the Boston Metro area for your gaming pleasure. Attend one or all! See below for details.

WHAT: A coordinated meetup the night before PAX for anyone with board games, or anyone who wants to play boardgames.

WHERE: The Boston Marriott Long Wharf 296 State Street. The Waterline Restaurant in the Long Wharf is graciously giving us use of the private dining room with seating for 50-100 people. Details below!

WHEN: 8pm until Midnight. Sadly that is when the restaurant closes.

BoardGame of Thrones Game Night at the Westin: 250-300 Seats

Use these to look for other people wanting to play!


The Long Wharf is hooking us up for our first year there:
- The Waterline Restaurant: We will be in the private dining room that can hold 50-100 people.
There will be drink specials and we have full run of the menu, linked here for your clickyness:




On the Thread
1. If you have games to bring, please post what you're bringing.
2. If you're looking to play a specific game, please post your request.
3. Please post your game/requests on the thread for the hotel that you plan to attend.

Once Present at the Hotel
1. Your coordinators for the night are Halfazedninja and Thunderous_T. Halfazedninja will be the guy wearing the Tye-Dyed top hat, 90's style.
2. If you've got a game and are looking for players, put the box top of the game vertically on your table. This is the universal sign for "I don't care who you are, please join us"
3. If you're looking to join a game, look for vertical box tops.

- Being good guests is critical to this event's welcome at the hotel. Don't be a dick.
- Please make every effort to game in the area they've set aside for us (listed above).
- If you get asked by the hotel staff to move, please be respectful and honor their request.
- The hotel will be reserving the lobby bar/cafe for non-gaming guests. Please sit in one of the designated gaming areas to game.
- The hotel is giving us huge, amazing, dedicated space for free. The best way to show your appreciation and support is to order drinks and food from the hotel while you're there.
- Being that the game night officially ends at Midnight, please keep that in mind and if you choose to game after Midnight find a nice quiet spot to hole up in due to noise concerns from the hotel


Requested Games
Magic The Gathering
DC Comics Deck Building Game
Star Wars Deck Building Game

Available Games
7 Wonders
Arkham Horror
Boss Monster
Cards Against Humanity (including both expansions and Christmas 2012 expansion) - 6
Cthulu Dice - 2
Disaster Looms
Dragon Age - 2
Drinking Quest
Dungeon World (maybe)
Forbidden Island
Get Bit
Lords of Waterdeep
Magic The Gathering Draft (if there is enough interest and people willing to pay)
Munchkin Bites
Munchkin Blender
Munchkin - 2
Munchkin Zombies
Pandemic - 2
Pirate Fluxx
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Star Fluxx
Stone Age
Super Munchkin
We Didn't Playtest This At All
Zombicide (Maybe)
Zombie Dice - 3

Bring your Vitas and/or 3DS's too!

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