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Where is DLC for RSPOD3 on Mac?

itatemykidneysitatemykidneys Echidneys killed IAMKRegistered User regular
Forgive a man if this is mentioned elsewhere but I thought it'd be easier to group my questions in one neat post.

First up, I know I have the Fanfic pack with the furries and rule 63 and all, as it's an option in the game. So that's covered.
And I read on Steam that Mac will get the Beginning of the End DLC soon, which is fine, I don't have to worry about it right now.

The question I've had for a while is: how do I know if I have "Lair of the Seamstress" DLC installed or not?
See, I'm new to using Steam and really only used it to download and play the PA threequel since it wasn't said to be on Playstation Network (and I really liked 1&2 so I want to keep up with this series until the close), so I don't know if it's automatic, or if there's a link to download the update.

Unfortunately, I haven't actually played the game in a while, much less finished it, but I don't think there's an update option from the game's menus, right?
It also wasn't until later that I learned it was on the App Store, which might have made it simpler to follow; the bright side is that now I have Steam, and can join in on the deals and neat content it offers.

In any case, I just wanted to make sure I have the available DLC ASAP while it's free, that is, assuming it stops being free at some point.
Thanks in advance for any answers you guys have.

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