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The mini-[Phalla] of Cthulhu: Has ended with mafia and Village Idiot victory!

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The mini-[Phalla] of Cthulhu
A mini-phalla game by Mikey CTS

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents."
-H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu


I fear that by committing these words to paper, I may be endangering my sanity. Still, someone must find these pages and carry on. My hope is that this record of accounts may provide assistance. The world must know what happened in Arkham that day – the horrors that were unleashed. The chaos all began with a break-in at Miskatonic University. At first it seemed such a curious thing. The only thing they had stolen was a leather-bound antique book, referred to by scholars as the Necronomicon. Within a week’s time we were cut off from the waking world with the things in the darkness – crawling, reaching, oozing, seeping things that desired our mortal flesh.

Unable to escape the madness, the townspeople fled to First Methodist of Arkham County. There we few survivors found shelter from the encroaching darkness but for only so long. The darkness was spreading and soon it would find a way into this place. Our only hope was to find the ones who did this and destroy them before their work was complete. They had to be hiding among us, waiting for their dark master’s arrival to reveal themselves. But who were they? To find out, we would have to send someone out to investigate our homes, businesses, employers, etc. – out there with the yawning darkness. We decided the only fair way was to take a vote.

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!

That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.

This is a mini Phalla for 30 players based the writings of H.P. Lovecraft others who contributed to the Cthulhu Mythos.

General rules of Phalla can be found here. Players of all experience levels are welcome.

Specific rules can be found below:

Standard Phalla Rules

You must vote each day. Vote in !bold red for whomever you think is likely to be a threat to you. The winner of the vote will be eliminated every night.

In addition, everyone should make at least two posts each day. Failure to vote or contribute will lead to warning and replacement.

Do not directly quote anything from PMs with me, or take screenshots of them. It is okay to paraphrase role PMs however.

Do not add other players to PM conversations.

Do not anonymously contact anyone.

When you die you may make one ghost post which cannot contain any game information whatsoever. After that please do not discuss the game with anyone still alive.

Ask for clarifications in !bold darkorange. You can always PM me with clarification requests, or post them directly in the thread.

Make sure you invite me to any PMs or proboards you might form.

Order of actions: Vote > Investigation > Actions.

Signup in !bold limegreen

Vote close will be 11:00pm EST every night.

Sample Role PM

Special Phalla Rules

The host must be referred to as the Keeper.

During sign up, please include a name for your character in !bold violet. This will be the name of your Investigator. If you do not select a name, an appropriately embarassing name will be assigned to you.

After Day 1 begins, all players must vote for an additional player using !bold dodgerblue. This player will be elected to go on Investigation, during which time the player can experience everything from finding useful equipment to encountering horrors from beyond to becoming lost in another dimension.

All players may elect to Trade any equipment they've found to another player as their nightly standard action.

Thanks to 38thDoe, from whom I stole much of the standard phalla rules references. And to Zombie Hero, who helped review and revise much of the rules unique to this phalla while encouraging me to maintain a unique vision for what I wanted the game to be.

Mikey CTS wrote:

Oh boy! My first time... ehem.

Mikey CTS wrote: »
GrimmyTOA wrote: »
Some sort of cult would seem to fit the theme pretty well.

As would millers and thralls.


Mikey CTS wrote: »
Mikey CTS for blocking my kiFUCK

The Keeper is not a valid vote.
Mikey CTS wrote: »
Langly wrote: »
I guess we might as well see, since it will happen tonight anyway

Can people be randomly killed by investigations?

Are investigations random events, or like CYOA events that the investigator will participate in?

Investigations are resolved on a RNG.
Are all investigation scenarios treated the same, regardless of alignment?

Mikey CTS wrote: »
GrimmyTOA wrote: »
Are investigations and their results public?

Investigations will be resolved in narration.
Mikey CTS wrote: »
I was told there would be bareknuckle boxing and bear wrestling?

If by bear you mean a color from outer space, then yes. 8->

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