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C# and OOP (book recommendation)

SpackleSpackle Registered User
edited March 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Despite working as a .NET developer, I feel i've never really sat down with the shear basics of OOP programming. Topics like:
    Abstract classes

I've all used through previous code examples but I feel I would like some sort of book that gives me a solid run through to further enhance my understanding of OOP. Part of which I've also gotten into design patterns which all rely heavily on OOP knowledge. I think that I would grasp the design patterns better if I had a more concrete understanding of OOP and all that it is.

Need a C# book, something that I can go at my own pace. Would prefer something with lots of code examples as opposed to just straight thinking/theory. Something that doesn't waste time with the basics of C#, something that dives right into code for OOP.

(I'm definitely not new at OOP and already how it works but I just think I could use a solid foundation as opposed to bits I've picked up over time, ya know?)

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