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VoIP: The communication revolution [1st post]

Mr_SnuffleMr_Snuffle Registered User
edited September 2006 in Ancient Forum Knowledge
Most people know what VOIP is (Voice Over IP), and the profound effects it will eventually have over the way we communicate. A world where voice communications are no longer controlled by the large evil communication companies. A world where you no longer have interstate and international calls to worry about, it's all the same

So anyway, in order for the boom to takes place, it needs to begin somewhere. People need to start using it. So I put it to you to install a VoIP app, then get your friends to install a VoIP app, then get your family to install a VoIP app, then get them to get thier frends to installa VoIP app. As interest increase, as will the technology.

You get the idea. It needs to begin somewhere.

Anyway, I'm downloading Skype at the moment, and will install it shortly. If people have a better app to use, by all means, post it. We want to find the best app available to use.

I'll compile a list of all the skype numbers people post

Remember, tell your friends/family!

Tell them about head set/usb phone options!

Let's get the ball rolling

Skype list

Mr_Snuffle: mr_snuffle
exovark: exovark
RedMachineD: RedMachineD
idh: ihdvoip
hadjiquest: hadjiquest
Sniperguy: Sniperguy210
mgrmoose: mgrmoose
Talith: Talith_SP
ZeroZero: XeroXero
rohaq: bottled
The Siege: siegeylovesyou
Martman: Martman321
Bergy: BergyD
]-[arlequin: HarlequinPA

Mr_Snuffle on


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