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Step off my [Vice Thread]

So some of you may have seen the coca-cola "Let's Come Together" ad, acknowledging that they are part of the obesity problem in America:

It's a nice little acknowledgement, with admittedly some corporate speak thrown in there because hey let's not get crazy, they still have a business to run. Now some of you may have also seen the "Honest" version of this ad that's been going around social media sites:

This one is a far more biting look at specifically Coke's diet drinks, and attributes a lot of nasty side effects to them that have mostly been discredited by various agencies.

I bring this up because I drink a lot of Diet Soda. I'm talking maybe 9 or so cans a day. When these videos started going around, friends and family began bombarding me with links to them, and calling me to tell me I am killing myself.

Now I'm not upset that friends want to help me not hurt myself, but it does drive me crazy that they think I'm not smart enough to do the research myself to see if this is really bad for me. Nearly every claim levied at Aspartame has been dismissed by multiple authorities as either conjecture or poorly performed studies (Check out The Aspartame Controversy page on Wikipedia for info). Everyone's got vices, things we do that we know aren't particularly good for us, but we've all got reasons we indulge in them anyway, and most of us are aware of the possible side effects.

So SE, what are your vices? Why are they bad for you and why do you say "Fuck it, doin it anyway"? I like soda cause it's tasty and helps me get my job done, and I don't give an eff because I eat fairly well and take care of myself otherwise.



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