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Whirled - Second Life clone from 3 Rings?

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Whirled (pronounced "world"?) is like Second Life in 2D, with an emphasis on game creation. All the usual promises are being made, such as earning real world money by making games, etc. Here we see some sort of a DDR game, with weird premade avatars, on a generic looking background.

Except that it's not all 2D? I'm predicting a ton of terrible mario kart racers.
Daniel James, CEO of Three Rings Design, says the avatars, chat rooms, and games initially available on Whirled are there just to get the ball rolling. After launch, the community takes over. "We plan to keep making cool stuff, but we hope over time this will be a small part of what's available in Whirled," says James. "We're open-sourcing the code and templates that we create, so that folks can remix our art and code in various ways, and we hope that original creators will follow this example to really foster creativity throughout the player-base."

The styles they're using seem completely random. If they're trying to simulate what a user-created world will look like, they're still missing something.

I'd like to give this a try once it's released, even though it's only a matter of time before the furries arrive.

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