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PAX Prime 2014 Cosplay

arwen_doll16_LOTRarwen_doll16_LOTR CommanderRegistered User regular
edited September 2013 in PAX Prime
Welcome to the PAX Prime 2014 costume thread!

Yes, it has already begun!! Work on a new PAX costume starts as soon as the recovery from the last PAX is over!

What is everyone planning on doing for their costumes for 2014?
Any big ideas or even just concepts of what you might want to do?
Games or other things coming out or are already out that you might want to base a costume off of?
Got any questions about how to make something or need opinions and advice?
Want to show off your work and post pics?
Find more members for your costume group or talk about a costume contest?

You have found the right place, now post to your hearts content!
Can't wait to see everyone's awesome work this year!

Please keep in mind this post will be updated as often as possible to provide current information.

Are there really that many people that cosplay for PAX?
There are enough of us that you are reading this thread!

I'm not sure if I want to dress up, what do you think?
Dressing up is a personal choice. No one will judge you either way.

Does my costume have to be video game related?
Not at all! There are a wide variety of costumes from all themes in geek culture from Doctor Who to Power Rangers, anime to video games! If you want to wear a costume then do it!

I am a beginner at costume making, any advice?
Many people will have many different things to say about this. At the heart of it all is to stick to your comfort zone. Never sewn a thing in your life? Don't make a full Princess Peach gown. Start out with something simple enough that you can make it, and make it well enough for YOU to be proud of. Don't get intimidated by others. Many people who do the large scale things have been at this a while. Also, nothing wrong with taking some pieces from your own wardrobe or the store and using them.

I have a cool prop weapon, can I bring it!? (this is the biggest one of all so please read on carefully!)
Please refer to these rules first and use common sense. If you ABSOLUTELY cannot find the answer to your question then please put them in a message to AaronC who is the security manager of PAX.
Do not flood him with questions if your answer can be found here!!!

The (NEW!!!) official policy is as follows:
Weapons Check Policies

All prop weapons brought to the show MUST be approved at the Info Booth (on the 4th floor by the large set of escalators) as soon as you arrive. We will be looking for the following criteria:

It cannot fire any sort of projectile. (Nerf guns are only allowed if they have been deactivated and cannot fire.)
It cannot be an airsoft weapon. (Yes, even if it’s deactivated.)
It cannot be sharp or pointy enough to cut or pierce someone with moderate pressure. This includes all real swords, daggers and knives. It also includes ceramic blades, needles, syringes and anything that can pierce (for example, a Little Sister syringe made of wood would not be allowed)

Upon approval, your weapon and badge will be tagged and cataloged.

What kind of restrictions on clothing are there?
As an attendee the only restriction is that your genitalia is not showing (for either sex) and for women your breasts should be covered as well. If you (as an attendee, not a paid employee of an exhibitor) want to wear the equivalent of a bikini, you can.

The restrictions for clothing apply to people working for Exhibitors (do not worry about these rules unless you are working for an Exhibitor, in that case, please refer to your employer).



*See weapons policy and peace bonding sections above for prop weapons (this really can't be stressed enough!)

*You will want to wear comfortable shoes. Shoes are required at all times anyways. Even if they do not match this is a HUGE deal. If you don't think you can walk all day in them, then don't do it.

*You will most likely get stopped for photos (especially if your costume is good). If you don't feel like it then simply tell the person that you are not doing pictures right now but to come find you later, the main thing is to be polite. Keep in mind also that some people are fans of "ninja photos", they walk by and nonchalantly snap a photo of you while you are simply standing there or eating, or...anything really. Once again be polite and sometimes you may even offer to take a nice photo for them (without your mouth full of food!).

*When taking pictures try to move out of the crowd and off to the side where there is less traffic (I am sure the person wanting the picture will also understand).

*The convention center will be hot. Keep this in mind especially for costumes with layers. Fake layers (fake collars, half sleeves that are sewn into a shirt to make it look like layers etc.) are all neat tricks to saving you from sweating like crazy.

*Weight of a costume can be a big issue. Think about it practically. If you can't carry the weight of a costume on you for the time that you will be in the center then don't wear it. Try to lighten up the load with hollow structures and the like. Remember that costumes don't always have to be the exact proportions of the original to look good.

*Costume size can also be a problem. Keep in mind that you will be wearing this into a convention center full of tons of people. No one wants to get smacked in the face by your giant Jesse from Pokemon wig or by your Final Fantasy bigger than a person sword.

*Swag is a very common thing, try to have a plan of where you will keep all your awesome shirts, buttons, magnets, games, etc. Matching bags are always a popular option. Having a buddy to help carry your stuff is also another option. Please note, there is no coat check or spare room to keep stuff in for attendees. It all depends on personal preference but is something to keep in mind.

*Freshness can be a little lacking by the third day of being in costume (this is not meant to offend anyone but this should be addressed). Try to change at least any underlayers to your costume everyday. If this can't happen then try to hang up the costume in your room for the night so that it can at least air out (febreeze isn't a bad option either). Wear deodorant and any other freshening toiletries that you prefer and shower each day to keep yourself and your costume nice and fresh.

*Finally, it is a good idea to carry a few safety pins (or your costume equivalent) with you to make on the fly repairs while at the convention center. Accidents happen, especially the more people you add to a situation. It would be a shame for someone to step on the hem of Kaylee's Fluffy Layer Cake Dress and have it rip and leave you exposed.


If you have a group page that you would like to have posted here then please PM me!
Keep in mind that most groups make a Facebook page to connect and organize through since things can get lost easily on this thread.

Mass Effect
(This is a closed Facebook group, if you would like membership then please make sure that you either message me (arwen_doll16_LOTR) here on the PA forums, or make your albums with your Mass Effect costume progress public so that an admin will approve you.)






arwen_doll16_LOTR on
I should go.


  • KellyShepard087KellyShepard087 Registered User regular
    Sadly I will not be attending next year. :(
    All cosplay progress is put on hold for my future move to Seattle.

    - Biting's excellent! It's like kissing. Only there's a winner.

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    East - '12 Attendee
  • BombClancyBombClancy Sugar Lady Registered User regular
    The next costume I am making is Fizz from League. I am not sure if he will be at East or Prime though :3

    what do you call a pile of kittens? A meoooowntain!
  • AaronCAaronC Enforcer - Lieutenant Portland OregonRegistered User regular
    Hello all, AirWolf (aka AaronC) here. There has been an update to the PAX weapons policy. If you go to : http://prime.paxsite.com/safety-and-security#weapons-check-policies you will notice that the requirement that a costume item does not look like a firearm has been dropped.

    After consideration of our security concerns and the wishes of our attendees we have dropped that requirement. All costume weapons will still need to be tagged, regardless of what it is, however costume firearms that look real will be allowed as long as they are not:

    Airsoft regardless of their ability to work
    Nerf guns if they still work
    Pellet guns or other guns that fire anything.

    Have fun cosplaying.

    KellyShepard087X DarkFairy Xarwen_doll16_LOTRNymphodorah
  • MembinoMembino Registered User regular
    Hmm my league of legends one next year might be gangsta twitch or if i'm feeling masochistic maybe try and do rumble. Otherwise i'm already working on a Bert/Mark from the old NES game Monster Party and if i manage to get 3 days again i might try something from bioshock burial at sea.

  • CaptaimManiCaptaimMani Olympia, WARegistered User regular
    I'm gonna be my RingMaster from FlyFF for next years prime :) I would be my Blade, but they show a bit too much skin for my tastes... lol.

  • BombClancyBombClancy Sugar Lady Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    I am thinking about doing a second league costume. If fizz goes well, I may do varus or yasou.

    BombClancy on
    what do you call a pile of kittens? A meoooowntain!
  • SaldekSaldek Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    I'm currently thinking about doing a steampunk airship pirate, since I'll also be able to use that for another con I'm going to after PAX. I was wondering about the suitability of using a practice foil/epee as a base for a prop. It doesn't fall under the "real sword" category, nor is it sharp in anyway, and it flexes under the lightest pressure.

    @AaronC What is your take on this?

    Saldek on
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  • AaronCAaronC Enforcer - Lieutenant Portland OregonRegistered User regular
    It doesn't fall under the real sword category, although it does fall under the "real sword" category.

    That was a joke.

    I don't have a problem with a practice foil as long as the blunt tip remains on at all times (I'm assuming its a fixed tip?) If the tip is fixed then no worries.

  • Sharkey1337Sharkey1337 Registered User regular
    edited January 3
    As I was packing up for my move to Seattle (will officially be callings it home tomorrow!) I came across my old Reaper costume and felt inspired to make a variation of HUNK from his "Mr. Death" costume as seen in Mercenaries 3D:

    Here's what I threw together off my existing Umbrella soldier outfit:

    Thinking about ordering two Edward Kenway (AC4) hidden blades to equip myself with since HUNK supposedly has wrist blades in this outfit.

    Sharkey1337 on
  • LilineLiline Registered User new member
    Hello there! I was forwarded this link from a kind staff member from PAX Australia.

    I'm hoping to attend as X-23! :)

    If I attend PAX Prime, am I allowed to make my X-23 (Wolverine) claws aluminum based?

    I couldn't see anything about metal in the weapons policy, other than it should not be sharp.

    If the aluminum claws were not sharp, would that be OK?

    The claws look similar to this (but would be made of aluminum metal):

    Thank you kindly,


  • AaronCAaronC Enforcer - Lieutenant Portland OregonRegistered User regular
    Aluminum "claws" by themselves would not be banned.
    All prop weapons brought to the show MUST be approved at the Info Booth as soon as you arrive. We will be looking for the following criteria:

    It cannot fire any sort of projectile. (Nerf guns are only allowed if they have been deactivated and cannot fire.)
    It cannot be an airsoft weapon. (Yes, even if it’s deactivated.)
    It cannot be sharp or pointy enough to cut or pierce someone with moderate pressure. This includes all real swords, daggers and knives. It also includes ceramic blades, needles, syringes and anything that can pierce (for example, a Little Sister syringe made of wood would not be allowed)

    Under our rules I would allow your "claws" if they meet the following conditions:

    1. They have no sharp edge.
    2. The tip is blunt enough not to pierce.

    From your picture they do not look sharp or that they come to a point, if that is the case then they would be allowed.

  • CODEMAN23CODEMAN23 Registered User new member
    Hello there, this year I will be dressing up as a Mandalorian Medic like last year. But this year I will also be going as a Survey Scout from Attack on Titan. Blades will either be foam or plastic.

  • InitialdorInitialdor Registered User regular
    I wasn't going to break out the Carl for the fifth year in a row, but the Seahawks won the Super Bowl! I just have to show up, now. (That, and the real Carl did us a solid by picking us to win... his official stone cold lock of the century of the week for the Super Bowl has never been wrong.) Seattle's Carl returns.

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  • StarYoshiStarYoshi Statistician Illinois (WA in '14)Registered User regular
    I'm hopeful that this is the year I finally go as Professor Layton :)


    [PAX Prime / PAX Dev 2014]
    PAX Prime 2013
    PAX Prime 2009
  • RiDERiDE woohoo! SeattleRegistered User regular
    My husband and I want to go as Leon and Ada from RE2 (RPD outfit and short red dress/leggings). :) We were toying with the idea of going as normal Leon and Ada for one day then "beat up/I got shot/fell down the lava pit" the next.

    "Try, try again. Then quit. There's no use being a damned fool about it."
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