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Some asshole rips of Shmorky of SA

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It seems that world renowned(?) T-Shirt artist Todd Goliath has ripped off world renowned web artist(?) Shmorky of Something Awful.

Shmorky wrote:
For those of you unfamiliar with my drawings, this is from my comic. My picture was made FIVE YEARS AGO!


Side by side:
Purple Pussy is a comic for girls with a feminist slant. Todd draws himself as a dork and writes stuff like "Boys are dumb, throw rocks at them." So right from there he even has the same sensibilities. The drawing I made is not only five years old, it's one of the most famous strips I've ever done. It has been posted on blogs, journals, and forums all over the world and has even been translated into Portuguese.

This is really blatant, even moreso than Carlos Mencia. I hope this guy gets excommunicated from the internet.

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