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[Fold On] The Papercraft thread, Reborn

MuddBuddMuddBudd Registered User regular
edited July 2010 in Games and Technology
Yes boys and girls, it's time for the fabulous papercraft thread to return, after a long hiatus!

You may be asking, what the hell is papercraft? Papercraft is the art of taking paper printouts, scissors, and glue, and making your own models of various things, including many video game characters and objects. Why pay monies for action figures when you can make them yourself!

For example, this papercraft has 1 Solid Snakes in it, can you see them?

And here are some Nintendo characters, and more. You can play Paper Mario for reals!
(Full List of Nintendo Papercraft)

mini-mario64.gif mini-kuribo.gif mini-teresa.gif
Mario, Part 1 Goomba Boo
Mario, Part 2


Four Swords Link

Not enough Zelda for you?
Try these on for size.

Prince.png AW.png
Prince of All Cosmos Advance wars and more (note: hand drawn)

Upon further inspection, this guy has a TON of cool stuff. Check out his site.

Aliens Papercraft, for when it's Game Over, man.

Erick's Models - Homeworld ships. This is where I got the sheet for this Kushan Mothership.
Awesome site, even includes instructions on how to make your own by extracting models from the game.

I tracked down an EVA-01 papercraft. <clicky>

Piro Model.com - Mostly Star Wars characters and busts. Has the most adorable papercraft lego stormtroopers.
There's some tiny, cute gundams in there too.

Yamaha's Papercraft Site - Contains, obviously, papercraft of Yamaha motorcycles,
but also has many good animal and seasonal papercrafts.

Canon Papercraft Site - An assorted collection of animals, vehicles, buildings, and some 'lucky' items.
(Those cat things you see in asian resturaunts, etc...)

Oh yeah... and we found this last year, some of us made it. Rumor has it the Prime Minister of Muddbuddistan still holds the secret blueprints for its construction, secretly scanned into digitial form by Muddbuddian spies. It is also for sale on the internets. (This version is very nice)

Click for more images.

I'll be adding more cool stuff as I find it. Now go my minions! Fly out, find more patterns, make more papercrafts, post the pictures of stuff you've made!!!!

Seriously, I want pics of anything you guys build.

MuddBudd on


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