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Worst. Costume. Ever!

VirralVirral Registered User
edited April 2007 in Graphic Violence
I'm not sure if this thread has been done before, my apologies if it has. I just thought it would be interesting to see what people thought was the worst Superhero costume EVER. I think comic readers get a little numb to crazy looking costumes, but even the most hardened of souls finds one that just stops them dead in their tracks and think "oh man that looks lame!"

For me it is... Yellowjacket!


Whenever I see it I want to laugh out loud at how it looks. How would anyone keep a straight face wearing something like that? How is limiting your vision with shoulder blinkers a "good thing" for someone who fights crime? The fact that he still has it on today (or went back to it, whatever) is just the icing on the cake :lol:

So, what's your worst costume ever? I'm sure people are going to have absolutely no problem topping mine!

Virral on


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