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[DOTA 2] 7.01 - The Dark Era of Anti-Mage



  • VishNubVishNub Registered User regular
    Yilias wrote: »
    The Moonshards change seems the opposite to me. People will have Enigma or another flash farm support grabbing Moonshards for their OD.

    That's a good point...

    It is only the eaten moon shard, though, so that's a pretty poor value.

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  • mtsmts Registered User regular
    interesting, its only like 6 minutes in, but it seems like LGD is running a support monkey king vs. vg

  • KoopahTroopahKoopahTroopah The koopas, the troopas. Philadelphia, PARegistered User regular
    I broke my non-playing streak of 2-3 months last night. I played Ogre Support and did pretty well (7/1/7 by mid game), but we lost because Alchemist went unchecked except for the one or two times I ganked him.

    Of course our carry Luna who farmed for 25-30 minutes with nothing to show for it blamed the rest of the team, so yeah. Business as usual I guess.

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  • JutranjoJutranjo Registered User regular
  • madspookymadspooky San Antonio, TXRegistered User regular
    So I just went back to playing after an extended break and from what I understand there is a "soft" region-lock now? It's completely terrible. I understand this game will be eventually filled with non-English speakers queuing for English but after 4 games I was the only person (on both teams) that actually spoke English. Seems kinda like a shitty solution for Southerners :(

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