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PAX Opening Night Party 2017 - Video Games, Handhelds, Decks, Music, Drinks, Fun!

PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
edited January 17 in PAX South
Dear PAX Attendees,

Houston Gaymers is teaming up again with On the Rocks Pub for an official kick-off party for PAX South! We will be joined by other groups from Austin, Dallas Fort-worth, San Antonio, Mexico, and Phoenix! The event is not exclusive! All PAX attendees and the general public are welcome.


RE:Play http://replayxpo.com/
Wisp Entertainment featuring Attack on Kitten https://www.facebook.com/attackonkitten/
Pixel Pushers Union 512 featuring Tonight We Riot https://www.facebook.com/TonightWeRiotGame/
Head Bang Club featuring Double Kick Heroes (Check it out https://youtu.be/hldyocQV0pw)

On the Rocks Pub is located just down the street from the Convention Center (270 Losoya St, San Antonio, Texas 78205) and offers excellent drink prices and live music! The party will start around 8pm, so feel free to go grab some dinner on the Riverwalk before coming over!

In addition we will have 5 console setups including Smash, Injustice, Nazi Zombie/LFD, Just Dance, and Mario Kart. We also encourage everyone to bring their own devices and decks to enjoy Monster Hunter, Hearthstone, Magic, Cards Against Humanity or any other game of your choice!

We look forward to seeing everyone at PAX South 2017 and the opening party Friday night around 8pm at On the Rocks Pub in San Antonio!

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/1802206723335340/

CHECK OUT 2016 PARTY PHOTOS: https://www.facebook.com/houstongaymers/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1227599190602310

Feel free to message me or respond with any questions! Super excited about coming out to PAX and meeting some new folks and avid enthusiasts!

To the 1200+ attendees from last year...we hope to see you again!!!

See you in a few weeks!

Ryan "Penny" Pennington
Houston Gaymers Board of Directors
Social and Business Development


PennyPton on


  • PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    Updated description. We will be joined by RE:Play, Wisp Entertainment, and Pixel Pushers Union at the meetup!!!

  • ardrial@gmail.comardrial@gmail.com Ardrial Registered User new member
    I'm excited for this. It was super fun last year. Thanks for doing it again.

  • PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    I'm excited for this. It was super fun last year. Thanks for doing it again.

    Awesome!!! We have already gotten a lot of positive feedback and excitement for this year's event. We were overjoyed with last years event, and we hope that everyone will enjoy 2017 just as much! See you in a few weeks!

  • PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    We are happy to announce that we will be joined by Head Bang Club featuring their new greenlit title - Double Kick Heroes! Added the info to the description!

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