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  • CenoCeno wild zontars Registered User regular
    20 minutes into the Mass Effect QL and they still haven't talked at all about the framerate

    I thought I was experiencing poor internet connection or something but noooope

    PSN: Genesius_Prime
  • KetBraKetBra Mixing Drinks and Changing Lives Registered User regular
    Yeah it really looked like it was chugging bad in some spots

    Lots of pop in too

    ndvrSJx.png?1Steam Bnet:KetBra#1692
  • lionheart_mlionheart_m Registered User regular
    Same thing happened in PC. Sadly, it really is a poorly optimized game. It never got this bad with Dragon Age: Inquisition. I feel like a Stockholm Syndrome victim. Despite all this flaws, I'm going all in.

    3DS: 5069-4122-2826 / WiiU: Lionheart-m / PSN: lionheart_m / Steam: lionheart_jg
  • CenoCeno wild zontars Registered User regular
    I'm glad I'm not a big Mass Effect fan because I'd probably be in a bad way right now.

    PSN: Genesius_Prime
    I don't know, I have a GTX980 (basically nowadays a hair's breadth more powerful than the standard graphics card for gaming) and at the settings I had I didn't really have any issues with frames (though pop-in I think is basically par for the course)

    I'm coming out of the trial slightly disappointed by the dip in standards but that standard for me is coming from the context of Mass Effect 3, a game altogether stupendous in quality formed by 7 years worth of mechanical refinement. It's partly high expectations and partly legitimate problems in Andromeda's quality

  • HardtargetHardtarget There Are Four Lights VancouverRegistered User regular
    Just played the first 2 hours on my GTX970 and pretty old i7-2600k
    game ran totally solid for me and I had a blast with the opening stuff

    I dunno, feels like Mass Effect? I don't get why people are mad

  • SanderJKSanderJK Crocodylus Pontifex Sinterklasicus Madrid, 3000 ADRegistered User regular
    I played the first mission and I can see where all the criticism comes from.
    The internet is vulnerable to hyperbole of course, but compared to the last 2 years of AAA games, the faces themselves and their animations are definitely subpar.
    Which then, in me at least, creates a critical look effect, where instead of paying attention to the story I'm looking for other goofy shit. Which probably exists in every game, but once you're thinking about it, it becomes quite noticable.
    For instance, I have started a conversation from just the wrong angle, which caused me to float up on a bench, and have both my conversation partners be out of frame below me during the entire conversation.
    And the run animation still being really whack.

    https://my.mixtape.moe/yugchn.mp4 is really interesting. They definitely decided to switch face models between april 2016 and release, to something a bit less realistic/more cartoony. Which would explain why the rigging may be bad, and the options in the character creator so limited.

    Steam: SanderJK Origin: SanderJK
  • lionheart_mlionheart_m Registered User regular
    @Hardtarget I have an i5 and I think it's bottlenecking my PC. I do have to say that after installing NVIDIA's day 1 driver I have 60 fps on high.

    Also...yeah, feels like a ME game to me? Maybe I have low standards or something but I'm having fun.

    3DS: 5069-4122-2826 / WiiU: Lionheart-m / PSN: lionheart_m / Steam: lionheart_jg
  • FuriousJodoFuriousJodo Registered User regular
    I think people are more disappointed by ME:A than it actually being terrible. It's been 5 years since ME3, and I think a lot of people were expecting something "new" and ME:A seems like more of a sidestep with some jank to it.

    I played roughly two hours so far and I've been fine with it, but it also isn't exactly grabbing me either.

    FuriousJodo on Twitch/PSN/XBL/Whatever else
  • Knight_Knight_ Dead Dead Dead Registered User regular
    edited March 21
    The lighting alone in the leaked video is so alarmingly better, the final build looks like the two characters were shot somewhere else and green screened in they're so much more lit than the scene.

    I dunno, it just seems like a game that they rushed out the door before it was ready to make the fiscal.

    Knight_ on
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