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Les Phalles sigunups

FencingsaxFencingsax Bondage Discipline Spider-ManRegistered User regular
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Okay guys, this is the Les Phalles sign up thread. We're going to have a big one here, maybe 50 people or so.

If you don't want to participate, but want to help formalize mechanics, gtalk is christocbd. I'm still deciding whether the mechanics will be secret or not, as well

I'm thinking it might be somewhat standard with a few twists.

Note: Sign ups will end at the end of the weekend. Also, it's possible I might bugger this up. If so, sorry. Les Phalles is a game similar to Mafia (wiki it), b ut I will be adding a few twists. For a hint, my theme is at the beginning of the forum games thread.

Also, I'm keeping a spreadsheet myself, so the going may be a bit slow, but if you all want a copy, I can give a read-only google doc.

1. visiblehowl
2. Smasher
3. Gnasty
4. Gundam470
5. FunkyWaltDogg
6. Elendil
7. DrinkinStout
8. Elkamil
9. Hakkekage
10. Titmouse
11. Tuxkamen
12. Celebrim
13. Bad Kitty
14. an_alt
15. PsychoLarry1
16. Variable
17. UnearthlyStew
18. VishNub
19. ElJeffe
20. Oboro
21. Bitstream
22. Lord Cecil Eaglelaser
23. Thorgot
24. Buzz Buzz
25. Ardor
26. GrimmyTOA
27. GrundlTerror
28. Frosteey
29. Aldo
30. Rygar
31. precisionk
32. tofu
33. Senor Fish
34. Kilnaga
35. Munkus Beaver
36. Andrew_Jay
37. Drez
38. Digger Dude
39. Cantide
40. TehSpectre
41. Plutonium
42. AcidSerra
43. frandelgearslip
44. Kusuguttai
45. Casual Eddy
46. Saburbia

Sign ups end midnight tonight.

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