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ITT We Buy Manifest a Japanese Mountain Beetle

Dely AppleDely Apple Registered User regular
edited May 2007 in Singularity Engine++
Social Entropy++ Joblisting 0103.

Social Entropy++ Forum Troll/Victim

Do you have what it takes to be Social Entropy++ Forum Troll/Victim? Penny Arcade Chat Forums seeks a qualified 12-15 year old to become our latest whining, self-vindicating troller, also covering a position of part-time persecuted victim in matters of (1) consoles, (2) religion, and (3) sexuality.

Qualified applicants should write a ten-word essay about which console they find the most gay, and another ten-word essay on how big a faggot the moderators are, because their dad is regional manager, and their mother has cancer, and together we are supposed to care either way about it because you used CAPS LOCK.

Applicants will be issued a uniform pixelated avatar and oversized signature.

Please apply in-thread.

Thank you.
-The Management-

Edit: Bonus points if you threaten the makers of other consoles with violence.

Dely Apple on


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