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[Game On] more liek microcraft?? (Warcraft 3!!)

SpackleSpackle Registered User
edited May 2007 in Games and Technology
WARCRAFT 3: TFT (or ROC if needs to be) Game On!

So with all the excitement with Starcraft 2 and since there already is a Game On for Diablo 2 and Starcraft, lets get you micro-freaks out and play some Warcraft 3!!!! Since this game doesn't need much of an introduction, here's some pictures!




1. Realm
Realm: USWest
Channel: PAWar3

2. ROC or TFT?
TFT is default but if there's more interest in ROC we'll switch over

3. Game Type?
Whatever you guys want, we'll decide in channel and someone will make a private custom that we join.

4. I can't join or host games??!!!
You might have to change your port in the Gameplay options. Also you may have to forward that port on your router.
Blizz Port Link

5. I sux, can I still play?
Of course! We can try to split teams up evenly so feel free to announce if you're any good. Myself, I kinda suck.

6. Catch All
*reserved for whatever needs to be put in here

7. Players
Forum Name Battle.Net name Race or Random

1. Spackle robbcorp26 Human

Spackle on
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