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[Phalla] Witch Trials Sign-Ups

NerissaNerissa Registered User regular
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What you need to know:

PMs will go out Sunday afternoon or evening, with the first night of voting being Monday June 4th. Close of voting each night will be 9:15pm EDT, based on board time-stamps.

There will be a strict limit of 39 players in this game. I will take a short waiting list in case someone has to withdraw or gets dropped due to inactivity. Please at least bold your sign-up requests to make them easier for me to see, colors are optional, but would be nice.

In the unlikely event that I don't get 39 people to sign up, I will have to drop the game size by multiples of 3, so if I get 38 sign-ups, the last 2 will have to go on the waiting list.

Players will be divided into families of 3, with each family voting as a unit. Bad guys will be distributed randomly across families, so while you do need to discuss with your family who to vote for, you shouldn't necessarily trust them implicitly.

There will be a second game thread for those who die. The dead will have an important role in the game, so please expect to continue participating after your death. Dead players will not be replaced, but non-participation among the dead will be at least as significant of a disadvantage to the village as non-participation among the living. (And that's about all you'll get to know about it while you are alive.)

The roles are already randomized, and will be assigned based on the order you sign up.

Remaining mechanics will be posted in the actual game thread Sunday. If they are not clear at that point, feel free to ask for clarification.


1. Ardor
2. DevoutlyApathetic
3. visiblehowl
4. Squashua
5. Variable
6. ElJeffe
7. Buzz Buzz
8. FunkyWaltDogg
9. drinkinstout
10. Gnasty
11. Elendil
12. Plutonium
13. Dread Pirate Cassandra
14. Last Son
15. precisionk
16. thorgot
17. Elbonian Man
18. Senior Fish
19. Bad Kitty
20. an_alt
21. Aldo
22. Aroduc
23. DiscGrace
24. Grundlterror
25. MrBallbaggins
26. Marx
27. James
28. robothero
29. Hakkekage
30. Lord Cecil Eaglelaser
31. Casual Eddy
32. tuxkamen
33. Zek
34. Elkamil
35. Malkor
36. cj iwakura
37. Frosteey
38. Xorexnar
39. frandelgearslip

Wait List

1. titmouse
2. FirstComradeStalin

Nerissa on
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