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[Game On] Mario Strikers

Mr_GrinchMr_Grinch Registered User regular
edited December 2007 in Games and Technology
Super Mario Strikers:
Penny-Arcade Championship

Unfortunately Mario Strikers can't be played cross region (Pal to NTSC), but for those of you wanting to organise games, you can find the friends list:


Password: wang


[HTML]Username Code Mii

Mr_Grinch 2663-8873-3107 Kie
Jam Warrior 0774-1109-0595 Jam Warrior
Alfred J. Kwak 2191-4496-8003 Chris
S-Starwind 1761-9591-3160 S-Starwind
DuckterPepper 0731-1553-6188 Earl
PotU 5112-0271-9068 Robbie
LeRoy 0645-2617-1784 Leroy
Amygdala 3179-2945-1426 Simon
Rami 3780-5854-4516 Rami
Cullen 3823-5317-8740 John
Jammers 4983-1837-2239
AndyDarko 1676-0589-0953 Andy

If people want to merge the Pal friend codes in to the Wiki then that'd be great with me :D

Old Op spoilered for posterity.

Mr_Grinch on
Steam: Sir_Grinch
PSN: SirGrinchX
Xbox Live: SirGrinch X


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