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[SANDBOX ON] Second Life

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Second Life

What is Second Life?
Second Life is a 3D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. In Second Life, you can essentially build whatever you can think of. There are plenty of ingame tutorials dedicated to helping newbies learn the ropes. For instance, the original Penny Arcade store we had in-game had a Fruit Fucker fountain, expelling its juice down upon visitors.

Will I have to pay a monthly fee?
Only if you choose do. You start with a free account. If you choose to upgrade, you will then be moved into the pay to play area, where you now have access to buying/selling land to sell your creations. You can, if you choose, to bum around like me for free (bumming in SL since 2002!)

Is there a Penny Arcade group?
Yes and no. The group still exists, but most people in it have moved on to other groups. The Fancy Lads, another group, were created for the sole purpose of touring the SL landscape, in tuxedos, monocles and tophats, experiencing the world while speaking in quazi-Victorian English. FL is still around as well, and once again, mostly dead, but I have a leadership position in it, so therefore can invite people, unlike the base PA group. If one of the PA group's leaders shows up in this thread, then they can most certainly invite you.

Will you show any screens of the game?
No, because I don't think I could do the game any justice in just a couple of screens, seeing how there is a wide variety of landscapes that have been created. The game is essentially the internet, in 3D. Plus, all my screenshots in Photobucket seem to have gone missing. I could've posted a pic of Orikae in his huge pink sombrero, but alas.

If you want access into the Fancy Lads, contact Dedagn Bismark, or if I'm not online, just leave your name here.
Contact Tren Neva for access into the PA Forum group.

The List
KingMole - Dedagn Bismark
Neva - Tren Neva
Echo - Mien Shirakawa
omega71 - Omega Otsuzum
Lucky Cynic - Kyder Ling
DnvnQuinn - Rowland Graves
Vic - Neil Pegler
Nimble Cat - NimbleCat Hax
Dangerous - Strumpot Hoorenbeek
InfernalTrout - Waffle Snook
KupotheAvenger - Quincy Watanabe
Dr. Phibbs McAthey - Phibbs Newchurch
Local H Jay - Hungry Slade
AaronKI - Pelton Swindlehurst
WyndhamPrice - Wyndham Rosca
Mr_Rose - Project Hammerer
Lord Jezo - Jezo Potato
Mugenmidget - Mugenmidget Woodget
nazlan - Natalie Paderborn
Monni - Monni Mannonen
UnderHero5 - Under Prunes
Frosted Butts - Hypno Control
darleysam - Stabalot Dagger
Nackmatholn - Nackma Tenk
SmellsLike - Juntor Hicks
Knightsword - Jaina Fugazi
YesNoMu - Yesnomu Jya

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