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Any bassists with 8-string experience?

CptKemzikCptKemzik Registered User regular
edited July 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
I've been in the market for an extended range bass to add to my gear, I currently have a pair of four strings.

I've tried out quite a few five-strings on numerous occasions and the slightly larger neck has never done it for me, and I find the low-B doesn't fascinate me tone wise (i've never had interest, or felt the need to go lower than going drop-D on my E string). I've even noodled around on two different (decent) six strings to see if that would give me any interest, but again going that high doesn't interest me (especially when I'm happy enough going up the neck on a 24-fret four string).

Basically I'm not interested in the conventional five and six stringers, but have gained an interest in the 8 and twelve string doubled-octave basses, and have listened to pieces with bassists playing such instruments. Thus I'm interested in getting an 8-stringer in the $700-$1000 range; a nice one.

Has anyone here played one, or currently own one? What sort of adjustments playing and set-up wise should I be prepared for buying one? In general what should I look for?

TL;DR I'm looking to get a good 8-stringed bass, suggestions/tips appreciated.

CptKemzik on


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