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Waves of bacon waffles! Pre-PAX breakfast!

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Okay, so I finally got in touch with the lovely people at the Original Pancake House (apparently their phones have been misbehaving), and got the okay to go ahead with two waves of 30 people each. So, I will keep track of who is coming, how many people they are bringing, and whether or not they need a ride in this thread. I will NOT be going back to the previous thread and sifting through who said what when, so if you wish to attend please raise your hand here and you will be counted as long as you provide the following information:

Name (forum handle is most useful for now)
Number of tag-a-longs (people you attending besides yourself)
Need a ride? (Y/N, which would imply that all in your party need a ride)
Wave Alpha or Wave Beta (8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m., respectively)

Other information such as location and menu can be found here.

Total Bacon Waffle Adventurers: 54
Wave Alpha: 24
Tonkka +2
tr0tsky +1
KaitouAyashi +1
Werrick +2
Kyouteki +1
Samir Duran Duran
Nikolis & citrus
helmet_ok +1

Wave Beta: 30 FULL!
BrokenAngel & Recruit +1
ElectricTurtle & Astayonix
staplesareshiny & Hotsake +1
TNTrooper +3
Atray +7
TimeCruiserMike +1
mudkips +3

Needs a ride in Alpha Wave: 1
Werrick +2

Needs a ride in Beta Wave: 10
Draknodred-Seattle Hotel
BlackDragon480-Red Lion
TNTrooper +3-Crowne Plaza
TimeCruiserMike +1-Green Tortoise

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