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We can't tell you who we are. Or where we live. It's too risky, and we've got to be careful. Really careful. So we don't trust anyone. Because if they find us . . . well, we just won't let them find us.

The thing you should know is that
everyone is in really big trouble. Yeah. Even you.


You may not have noticed it yet, but mankind is no longer alone in the universe. Two weeks ago, five teenage friends inherited the ability to morph into any species they touched. The dying alien that bestowed this power upon them also leaves a warning: the Yeerks have already arrived.

Now, these few are all that stand between humanity and utter destruction.

Welcome to the world of Animorphs.

The Animorphs

Jake: The unspoken leader, Jake must struggle each day with life-or-death decisions. Cousin of Rachel.
Rachel: The brute, physical force behind the Animorphs. Cousin of Jake.
Marco: The light-hearted member of the Animorphs, though brutal if necessary.
Cassie: The voice of reason, Cassie ensures that the others never lose their humanity.
Tobias: Forever trapped in red-tailed hawk form, he serves as the eyes of the Animorphs. Shorm of Aximili.
Ax: Brother of Elfangor, Aximili was stranded on Earth until the Animorphs rescued him. Shorm of Tobias.

The Yeerks

Controllers: Humans that have been infested by Yeerk parasites. Their only goal is to spread over the entire planet.
Visser Three: The only morph-capable Yeerk. He will not rest until the Animorphs are dead or bent to his will.

Players, be warned. There are unknown forces at work in this war, far greater than either side can possibly imagine...

Rules (most of which blatantly stolen from neville)
  • All public voting closes at 7PM PST/10PM EST every night.
  • All private actions must be in by 6:45 PM PST/9:45 PM EST every night.
  • Vote using the following syntax: !vote Wiggin and retract using the syntax: !retract Wiggin. Please do NOT edit your vote posts; just retract & vote for someone else when changing your vote.
  • The person with the most votes at the end of each day will be taken in by police for questioning, and thus removed from the game.

  • If a player is Controlled, their win condition is immediately converted to the Yeerk conditions. A Controlled player MUST reveal their Role (if any), Sibling (if any), and powers (if any) to other Yeerks. All other information is at the discretion of the player to reveal or not.

  • Do not forward/share/screenshot/etc. your role PM(s).
  • No abstentions. Individuals with a private attack must use it every night OR PM me that they are choosing NOT to. All participants must vote every night.
  • You must have at least two on-topic posts per game day. This will be strictly enforced. If you are removed from the game for inactivity you will be replaced with a reserve player. If there are no reserves, your character will be killed.
  • Narration/Results for each day will indicate attack attempts and failures, deaths/arrests, etc. Players that have been Controlled will not be revealed.
  • If you would like clarification on a rule, mechanic, ability or anything else, make a post containing !Clarification. If you have a question that may compromise your role in public, PM your clarification request to me.
  • Roles (including Controller status) will be revealed upon death/arrest.

  • You may make one goodbye post if you die, but no more than that.
  • Dead players may not converse with active participants on any game-related matters.
  • There is no dead thread; do not make one or discuss the game with anyone alive, to re-iterate the previous point.

To sign up, use the following syntax: I will take !spot #1


1. Critical
2. iamtheaznman
3. durax
4. Bogey
5. Shenanigans
6. Nuzak
7. TheKovakistani
8. DrCongo
9. AkimboLegs
10. Jimothy
11. real_pochacco
12. ramenXnoodles
13. *Reserved* - Tossrock
14. tomisbored
15. randomproxy
16. Squashua
17. *Reserved* - SoonerMan
18. *Reserved* - SpeedySwaf
19. Abraham F. Hawk
20. arod_77
21. Drijen
22. FirstComradeStalin
23. Meister
24. PotU
25. Mr. Embarkation
26. The Geebs That Is A Mod
27. DarkPrimus
28. Xevo
29. redimpuse
30. DeForce
31. Atari Soul
32. Strato
33. Raneados
34. AbsenceofLight
35. Hunter
36. mrpaku
37. <3
38. Oatway
39. Shankill Butcher
40. Lucky7
41. Zot
42. CJTheran
43. Zoolander
44. Riggs Blitzkrieg
45. Anjin-San
46. Darkseid
47. neville
48. FreeAgent
49. Quetzi
50. JohnHam
51. Osvik
52. Fembot
53. Defunker
54. Hylianbunny
55. Dave The Rave
56. Daric
57. Red Bird
58. the wook
59. CableCarrier
60. scarlet ave.

1. blankspace
2. Munkus Beaver

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