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HDMI Through DVD Player, No Audio **SOLVED**

rockmonkeyrockmonkey Registered User regular
edited August 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
This is my first HDTV and my first time using HDMI

I have a Polaroid 4011-TLXB (basically a 40" HD LCD with 720p and 2 HDMI ports)

the dvd player is a Phillips upconverting dvd player with a HDMI port

The HDMI cable is from monster and is just 3'3"

all three (tv, dvd, cable) are BRAND NEW

so I get picture, but no audio, and yeah I tried turning the volume WAY up.

When I turn everything off and hook it all up with component cables and the basic white/red audio hookups I can get video and audio.

I've unplugged my cable TV stuff to simplify things and so basically it's the power cords for the two devices and a HDMI cable run between them.

I've treid both HDMI ports on the back of the TV and it didn't make a difference.

What am I missing here?
And assuming something is actually defective and I'm not just a retard when it comes to hooking shit up, what's the most likely culprit and how should I go about testing it?

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