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G&T Chat Thread 500: Wandering the Dessert

denihilistdenihilist tiny, tiny little manlive music capitol of the worldAdministrator admin
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Greetings fellows.

I am the herald of change. The voice of a new era. We've noticed the chat thread has changed its tune lately, and maybe not for the best. So we're going to shut it down for a while until we can get some better rules in place. I know that the chat thread has been jerked around in this manner before but we're being serious this time. All chat threads after this will be locked so until a mod makes one, don't expect it to go anwhere.

With that in mind we're taking this thread to the moon. 100 pages about the chat thread. What you like about it and what you would like to see change. That way we can serve the majority of the community better.

I've even made a poll.

Alpha Edit : If you could take a look at my thoughts on the matter, it would make me happy.

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