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Gangster rap and produce (my college churns out retards)

TxdoHawkTxdoHawk Registered User
edited September 2007 in Singularity Engine++
So, a pair of students from the college I attend made headlines and appeared on CNN a few nights ago.
Two brothers sacked from their grocery jobs for filming a gangster rap parody at the store now face a defamation lawsuit from their former employer.
The brothers - styling themselves as a group called Fresh Beets - hit each other in the crotch with beets at one point, and stand with bananas suggestively hanging out of their pants at another. They briefly appear with their pants at their ankles (wearing boxers). One pretends to urinate on some greens.
A&P claims the video by Mark and Matthew D'Avella motivated at least one "disgusted and distressed" customer to boycott the supermarket because of the video's "repulsive acts."

The Montvale-based chain seeks at least $1 million in compensation and demands that the D'Avellas remove "Produce Paradise" from the Internet, where it was on their Web site, and YouTube.

tl;dr - Two retards at my college made a stupid video where they molest produce at the store they work at, and are dumb enough to post it on the internet. They get slapped with a lawsuit for it. My impending degree is now probably even more worthless than it was before, because now everybody is going to equate Bloomsburg with guys that like to pee on vegetables. :P

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